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The “EthMiracle” game is a Dapp co-spons

The “EthMiracle” game is a Dapp co-sponsored by the global blockchain enthusiasts

The game on the chain is also an smart contract based on the block chain 3.0 technology. The participation information and data of all users in the game, and the calculation of various rewards are all completed on the chain, so that every user can participate in the game fairly and transparently, and there is no abuse of dark box operation any more. 

The “EthMiracle” game is completely based on the original development of the ethereum smart contract. You only need to download and install the third-party wallet App to participate in the game. In addition, the instantaneous dial is up to 95%, and there is no risk of ETH being circled and running away. 

the “EthMiracle” there is no centralized data no company, no owner, address your ethereum purse for a withdraw operation system, the smart contract can real-time calculation, Players can rest assured game;


The “miracle” gameplay is simple:

When a round starts, the system will automatically start counting down to 24 hours. Players will participate in the game with ETH and enjoy the right of bonus, the right of winning and the right of recommendation. As long as someone puts ETH into the game –

The countdown will return to 24 hours,

if No one puts ETH on it,  

24 hours later it will be counting down to the end of the game on the lottery.

As long as you’re the last ten ETH players and you last 24 hours,

Then all the ethereum players in the bonus pool will give equal shares to these ten players.

If you have eth the trust wallet,

The game may start the second round of countdown; 

The rewards for the “Eth miracle” game are divided into three parts.

1 “participation in profit” is the income that every player has the opportunity to obtain.

Each time a new player joined, 65% of the previous players bonus, bonus 1.1 times out, the player needs to repeat ten times before the extraction of the original input of that one ETH;    

2 “recommended prize” is that you can invite new players to participate in the game, 

The more players you invite, the more recommendations you get.

There is no upper limit for the number of recommended players, so you can enjoy unlimited profit of sharing



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