Peter Swan & Sons Ltd Create Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Loanhead, UK – Peter Swan & Sons Ltd have created freezers that attain new ultra-low temperatures. As medical and science equipment specialists, the manufacturers have a wide variety of medical-grade, low-temperature freezers and refrigerators that supply research labs in Edinburgh and across the UK.

Peter Swan & Sons Ltd.’s latest innovation is the Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer, available at Using rapid temperature restoration created by a sealed and stainless-steel interior, they have found is one of the most effective ways to hold and preserve controlled temperatures. With a temperature display, alarm system, and even an access port included on some models, researchers can probe and monitor a product without compromising its temperature.

As a result, these freezers are anticipated to become vital to the medical health industry as the technology of the access port has also influenced the freezer’s abilities. In addition to this the option to view an object without exposing it to the outside temperature, opens new doors for the scientific and medical community who want to maintain a stable and controlled temperature throughout the duration of an experiment.

Peter Swan & Sons Ltd also have a range of products from incubators to ultra-low temperature storage freezers. They have strengthened their reputation amongst research labs through the development of laboratory refrigerators, as seen at, the research labs utilise these refrigerators for holding samples, preserving specimen, and more.

Peter Swan & Sons Ltd test these products to ensure they are working properly in their Temperature Controlled Environmental Test Rooms, which are designed to simulate normal lab room temperatures. All products are covered by a comprehensive warranty for up to twelve months after the delivery.

A great majority of the vaccines and medicines that help the world today are stored in low-temperature freezers and in laboratory refrigerators. This means that it has never been more crucial for refrigeration systems to be up to date and working as effectively as possible.

Since they were founded in 1891, Peter Swan & Sons Ltd have upgraded and innovated much of the technology in the refrigeration industry. They have put their technology and research to good use by creating freezers and refrigerators for use in the medical and science industries.

For more information about Peter Swan & Sons Ltd and their medical and science refrigeration and freezing products, visit their website, With continual improvements and innovations, the company are helping scientists and medical researchers to reach new horizons in vaccination and laboratory testing.

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