“THE AUTHENTICITY PRINCIPLE” Now Available as an Audio-book

The Authenticity Principle

February 27, 2019 – Inspired by her own journey overcoming racist childhood bullying and other challenges she’s experienced as a woman of color, award-winning leadership and diversity expert Ritu Bhasin helps organizations and individuals around the globe become more inclusive of differences.

In her new book, available for the first time as an audiobook from Penguin Random House Canada, Bhasin offers a new way of understanding authenticity. She makes a strong case that practicing this value in how we live, work, and lead is the antidote to exclusion, and the key to inclusion in today’s world.

So many of us,Bhasin explains, “feel and caught up in the pressure to signal to the world that we are more ‘together’ than we really are. Particularly for those of us who feel different, the pressure to fit inand thus mask core aspects of ourselves—can be relentless and damaging.”

“In my work, I’ve had hundreds of people of color, women, people from LGBT communities, persons with disabilities and others share with me the impact they’ve felt because of xenophobia and the pressure to alter, downplay, and hide their cultural differences.”

To address this, Bhasin developed the Three Selves tm, a cutting-edge framework that teaches individuals to strategically choose how and when to be their authentic selvesallowing each of us to bring more of our differences into our lives and work without compromising our ability to succeed. This model is a practical way forward, and a refreshing departure from the popular but vague advice to “be yourself.”  Learn more on Bhasin’s website at https://ritubhasin.com/diversity-speaking

Bhasin discusses the latest in neuroscience, leadership, diversity, and mindfulness research along with a wealth of practical exercises, strategies, and tools that will inspire individuals and organizations alike to practice authenticity in order to be more empowered, creative, innovative, and inclusive.

Learn more about “The Authenticity Principle” and Ritu Bhasin at https://ritubhasin.com/


Resist Conformity, Embrace Differences, and Transform How You Live, Work, and Lead

Written and Read by Ritu Bhasin

On Sale: January 29, 2019

Length: 5 hours 47 minutes

ISBN: 9780771009792

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