Dehesa School’s Drama Department Brings “Goldilocks on Trial” Play to Middle School

At the Dehesa School located in eastern San Diego County, taking on a play never before put on by a middle school didn’t intimidate Dehesa students. Students in the Dehesa School Drama department became the first middle school to put on a production of “Goldilock on Trial,” a play depicting the fictitious trial of Goldilocks for breaking and entering into the house of the three bears.

The students in the drama department took on this ambitious play and designed the set completely on their own. The play not only features the typical character of the traditional Goldilocks and the Three Bears story, but also introduces other fairytale characters, but the students were capable of being involved in creating and producing every aspect of the process to successfully put on this play.

“Goldilocks on Trial” was a big hit and gave every student involved many opportunities to build up new skills to support a well-rounded academic experience. The process that students were involved in encompassed writing, reading, presentation literacy, stage presence, art, costume design, timing, organization, teamwork, and much more! Dehesa School is proud to offer its students many opportunities, like drama, to gain experience in life and become contributing and successful adults.

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