The Spencer Institute Launches Certified Sleep Science Coach Program

Many of today’s highly competitive executives are missing out on a valuable resource, sleep. This is a commodity much in demand, but there aren’t many coaches and mentors who can offer them guidance on how to catch up with sleep and boost productivity. The Spencer Institute, which offers an online certification course for coaches and trainers, is pleased to announce its Certified Sleep Science Coach program.

Sleep science is the missing link of the coaching industry. This vital credential can become a full career for coaches and mentors. As a sleep coaching expert, they can learn the fundamentals of sleep, its relation to memory, and its connections with performance in sports and creative pursuits.

A certified sleep science coach will know how to help clients improve their metabolism, memory, immunity, hormone balance, and more. They will help clients achieve regular, consistent sleep with the help of tools, resources, and knowledge gained from this program.

The Spencer Institute Sleep Science Certification is a 100% online training program and includes videos, digital manuals and a wide range of video interviews with leading experts on sleep. Also included are comprehensive business training and a multiple-choice exam. The program is open to all coaches, and in particular for fitness trainers, wellness coaches, and holistic life coaches.

An opportunity to make a difference and see first-hand the impact on other peoples’ lives and a chance to give back are satisfying personal rewards. As a Certified Sleep Science Coach, you will gain this immense satisfaction as you help your clients live a healthier and happier life,” said Director Mark Teahan.

The Sleep Science Coach certification can open up a plethora of income opportunities. Certified sleep coaches can train people one-on-one, or via Skype or Zoom. They can coach couples or small groups, and offer workshops in gyms and health clubs. They can publish e-books, present talks on corporate health, or even make YouTube videos. Other avenues include blogging, podcasting, writing in health magazines and creating digital and information products.

The Spencer Institute Certified Sleep Science Coach program can be completed within one year of purchase. An average student requires approximately 20-30 hours of study time to acquire the certification.

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