The delicious new board game Jumble Jam is receiving a great response on Kickstarter

Jumble Jam is a brand new board game featuring delicious items like cakes, pancakes, doughnuts, croissants, and cookies along with, well, cats. The game recently launched a Kickstarter campaign that has received great response from backers, raising over $5500 so far, out of the fundraising goal of $13, 652. This game of ‘cakes and cats’ is available at early bird discounted prices through the various rewards for the backers.

Jumble Jam game takes the players into a family bakery where a Grandma is the manager and her grandchildren are the employees. Now the game can be played by 2 to 5 players, who will compete with each other to get the maximum orders completed to earn as many coins as possible. The player to get maximum coins from their completed orders will become Grandma’s favorite and the winner of the game as well. The player has to be careful because if pastries are wasted on orders then they will get fewer coins in return.

Jumble Jam is a strategic game that is easy to learn and challenging to master. It comes with mouth-watering illustrations of sweet delights along with a cat! The cats in the game are meant to distract the player so the other players can steal their delicious treats. The player also has the option to throw cats to their buddies, to hinder their progress in the game.

Jumble Jam comes with 1 Custom Dice, 20 tokens for Extra points, 20 Wooden Jam tokens, 5 Kitty cards, 2 Phase cards, 20 order cards, and 10 pastry cards each of Croissant, Doughnut, Jam, Pancake, Cookie and Cake. The Kickstarter edition of the game will also include Special box art, 20 Metal coins for extra points, and 2 Metal Turn markers.  All the backers will also get a free velvet bag for tokens and 20 exclusive wooden pastry tokens.

How to play?

  1. To set up the game, the player can place the pastry cards on the table from left to right and from bottom to top in three columns. Then place the order cards along with them, one more than the number of players.
  2. Every player will place one of their tokens in order and then proceed with the next player in a clockwise direction. The tokens must be placed between the cards until all players have placed all their tokens.
  3. Each player will collect their corresponding cards and a card belongs to the player having the highest number of tokens on their side.
  4. Each player starting with the player who put their token in the last place will have the option to complete an order and to do this, the player must have at least the number of ingredients corresponding to one of the orders.
  5. The cards already placed on the table will now move to the bottom and the next batch of cards can be placed starting from bottom to top and left to right.

Jumble Jam is now available for pre-order through its official Kickstarter campaign

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