Zeithaus Co. Watches Launches Bauhaus Luxury Timepieces on Kickstarter

Kickstarter campaign which aims to raise awareness and capital towards their flagship line of luxury timepieces.

Zeithaus Co. Watches are designed with the height of quality and elegant design, as well as practicality, in mind. The collection will feature four styles and seven straps, yielding 24 style possibilities for customers who want a watch all of their own. 

The Chicago-based company has partnered with some of the leading watch suppliers around the world, including those who’ve worked with luxury watch brands to release watches well over $2000. 

“We create beautiful watches, composed from traditional luxury materials with inspiration from specific eras of architecture,” said Soriaga. 

Their unique design techniques separate them from all other watch brands, allowing Zeithaus Co. to make watches that look vintage but feel modern. This is done by blending classic architecture and design pieces with a modern design aesthetics.

Zeithaus Co. Watches will offer a remarkable list of features, including a resistant sapphire coated mineral watch dome, quick release spring bars, sweat resistance, anti-scratch glass, a full warranty, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

With style elements blending architecture and industrial design, Zeithaus Co. Watches offer a stunning design that will cost less than $200. Zeithaus Co. Watches says their Model B3 is distinguished, versatile, and exudes luxury with its Bauhaus inspired design. 

Through their Kickstarter campaign, the team at Zeithaus Co. Watches aims to raise $20,000 to bring their collection to life. The watches are projected for delivery in April 2019. Backers can receive exclusive perks, such as an early bird VIP list discount, Kickstarter exclusive discounts, two model B3 specials, and even four of the model B3 specials. 

More information about Zeithaus Co. Watches, including a closer look at the Model B3 and details on the campaign, can now be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1400285926/zeithaus-co-watches-inspired-by-architecture-and-d?ref=90w63o

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