TRON, BLVCK DIVMOND and VENA Network Merge Mobile Gaming with Blockchain

Grant Leingang announces the collaboration of VENA Network, TRON Network and BLVCK DIVMOND. The mobile gaming industry, is one of the largest current markets in the world, nearly 25% of all mobile spending is related to gaming on the go, we plan to move blockchain technology into the mobile gaming realm making blockchain technology accessible to the everyday consumer and blockchain enthusiast using only a mobile device.

VENA Network, the primary development team, created a decentralized application to house a free TRON Network ÐApps portal that allows anyone to create a mobile game on the TRON Network by integrating into our 1st party portal. To play, you need to acquire TRON. You can do this by going to Binance, purchasing TRON and import your current wallet, or generating a new one inside our application and sending TRON to the new wallet you just generated.

Once downloaded, you will have access to the marketplace where you can play ÐApps that are integrated with your current active TRON wallet on the application.

Download ÐApp Portal Here (iOS/Android)

“BLVCK DIVMOND has been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time. Being apart of a revolutionary step like this is something we’ve wanted to achieve for a while. The members of BLVCK DIVMOND have been in the cryptocurrency world ever since it started and having an opportunity such as this is phenomenal news to our agency.” – Grant Leingang

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