Start-up ZUNGLE is paving a new market for wearable tech that’s actually “wearable.”

ZUNGLE V2 Viper, Exploded View

Since 2016 ZUNGLE has expanded the Audio Sunglasses Market

Do you remember the startup that raised $2M within a month on Kickstarter? ZUNGLE is the blue ocean of bone conduction Audio Sunglasses and the second most sold smart glasses in the world. Three years later, the company successfully launched two versions (ZUNGLE Viper and Lynx) of their product and continues to thrive in the market.

There’s been a rise in wearable technology products that are actually aesthetically pleasing. For example, there’s the OptiShokz Revvez sunglasses planning to launch in March 2019. Many early adopters and sport enthusiasts await the Revvez sunglasses that integrate audio bone conduction technology. The audio industry giant Bose Corporation also jumped on the bandwagon by releasing the Bose Frames in December 2018.

It’s quite pleasing to see how wearable technology is advancing not only in features but also in design. Both Bose and ZUNGLE offer two different styles including a wayfarer-esque rectangular shape and the classic round style. Audio Sunglasses are optimized for outdoor activities but its design may serve as a fashion statement as well. For folks who prefer to be versatile, ZUNGLE offers 3 different sunglasses colors and an option of 8 colored lenses. Not to mention, all lenses are interchangeable and polarized.

No matter how trendy audio sunglasses can get, the most important feature is the audio quality. ZUNGLE and Bose Frames have a distinct open ear system that allows users to be aware of their surroundings while listening to music. However, the two companies integrate a different type of audio system. Bose contains small built-in speakers connecting audio waves throughout the sunglasses meanwhile ZUNGLE integrates bone conduction technology. It offers the new way to listen to music. The bone conduction technology which transmits sound waves to the skull via vibration and wireless Bluetooth type system enables audio to flow separately to both sunglasses legs distributing a more even sound.

ZUNGLE Audio Sunglasses, Viper, transmits the sound waves to the skull via vibration.

In 2019, wearable technology is no longer limited to tech gadget lovers. With a continuously expanding market, customers are provided with a broad list of options and features. Even the least tech-savvy group of people can easily enjoy a pair of audio sunglasses in the sun or with a little splash (the Viper is water resistant).

For more information about the Bose ALTO and RONDO visit Bose’s official website:

For more information about the ZUNGLE VIPER and LYNX visit ZUNGLE’s official website

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