McChi Luggage: It’s a luggage, USB charger, and a table top!

On January 23rd, 2015, McChi Tech launched their second innovative product. The McChi Luggage, on Kickstarter to bring this unique and awesome product to the general population.

McChi Luggage is a very special and one-of-a-kind type concept that is never seen in the market before. This luggage can be whatever you want it to be. This luggage is more than just a standard luggage; it is also a table and comes standard with a high capacity USB charger that can charge your cellphone up to 12 times.

McChi luggage comes with two sizes (Carry-On and Mid-Size) and it can convert into a table top in seconds. The table top has two different heights adjuster to suit your chair height or standing mode.

The slogan of “This luggage can be whatever you wanted it to be” references to its internal multi-purpose concepts. This luggage comes with four configurations to choose from:

1) Cosmetic configuration for nail technicians, cosmetic, hair dresser, etc.

2) Professional configuration is great for all business people, teachers, doctors, students, sales representatives, lawyers, medical technologists, etc.

3) Handy-Tool configuration is great for general handyman, electricians, technicians, auto mechanics, plumbers, etc.

4) Picnic configuration for someone just wants to have a nice relaxing day at the park or for crazy times at the Tail-Gate parties.

5) Or you can actually remove your configuration and use it for casual traveling.

Having been in development for over two years, the prototypes were first introduced to a group of Intra-Operatives Spine Monitoring. With its successful introduction, McChi Tech has decided to enhance its concept for the generation population. 

Just as McChi Tech’s first project with the McChi Lock proven to be successful. Rather than seeking traditional financing for the company, the team decided to launch the product on Kickstarter to give backers early-access to the McChi Luggage and the ability to choose from a variety of exclusive rewards, including t-shirts, baseball caps and the McChi Luggage. The McChi luggage is estimated value at $470 for carry-on and $500 for mid-size. However, backers will be able to obtain for a great deal between $200 to $260 on Kickstarter.

The project will be live on Kickstarter until March 9th, during which time, backers can pledge their support to help fund the initial production run of the McChi Luggage. For more information, you can visit the project here or contact the creators below.

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Company Name: McChi Tech
Contact Person: Monika Thai
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