Reincarnate Manufacturing’s New Skateboard Blends Skateboarding and Snowboarding

San Diego, CA – On January 26th, Reincarnate Manufacturing launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their patented six-wheeled skateboard. Reincarnate’s skateboard includes snowboarding characteristics to allow for more maneuvers on the street. The trick is in the caster wheels that rotate 360o, making it easy for riders to carve and slide in a way that traditional skateboards aren’t capable of.  

“One of the great things about skateboarding is self-expression by showing your sense of style through how you ride… What can be challenging is managing those steep hills,” Reincarnate Manufacturing says. “What is particularly interesting about snowboarding is the ability to easily manage downhill speeds by carving and sliding. Showing your sense of style is present in snowboarding, however, being bound to the board can limit other maneuvers.”

Reincarnate Manufacturing wants to provide riders with more freedom and to share with backers the unique experience of using their patented gearing mechanism. This mechanism allows all six wheels to remain on the ground while going straight. When riders lean in the direction they want to turn, four wheels stay on the ground while the opposite two lift up. The caster wheels, which are centered underneath the deck, provide the rider with support and offsets when the rider carves or slides. This helps provide balance and takes away the need for bindings.  

This project has been in development since November 2010. Reincarnate Manufacturing used computer-aided design and 3D modeling to test their idea. In 2012, after verifying that their idea would work, they filed for a patent. The company now has functioning prototypes but is working on the design. They have come to Kickstarter to get funding for the final prototype, a pneumatic riveter that is needed for assembly, and mass production. 

“I think Kickstarter is good because the Kickstarter community supports people that like to create,” states Jay Bermal, mechanical engineer and owner of Reincarnate Manufacturing, “With these trucks there’s a lot more parts than your typical skateboard truck, so I hope that people will back the project.” 

Supporters of this project can choose from several different rewards, including a Reincarnate t-shirt with their ambigram logo, a cap with their logo, trucks that you can screw onto your own deck, or the full assembly (trucks, wheels, bearings, and deck). This campaign runs until March 12. For more information or to support now you can check out the Reincarnate Kickstarter page here

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