beer2beer – Beer Trading Network That Has All Beer Lovers Rejoicing

Developing a Currency Made Just For Beer.

Thessaloniki, Greece – Jan 30, 2015 – Beer lovers can finally celebrate! There is a solution that will not only allow drinkers to enjoy the beautiful taste of beer on their travels, but give them the chance to do this without depleting their bank account. The answer is called beer2beer. The concept is to develop a worldwide network of trading beer in its own unique currency that allows individuals to enjoy beer in all parts of the world without overspending. To bring this concept to life creator, Alexandros Zekakis, has started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funding needed.

When Alexandros was traveling around the world, he noticed the cost of beer would either be very expensive or ridiculously cheap. The difference in the value of beer is based in import cost, currency values, taxation, etc. It made drinking his most favorite drink not as much fun. This prompted him to research and create an idea of having a universal currency to buy beer. Not only will this make it cheaper to buy, but also easier to purchase for everyone.

Beer2beer is the central location where users can go to buy beerCoins online or through an approved distributor. Then, in local bars around the globe, travelers can purchase beer using beerCoins. The price will be determined using the average pre-tax beer value in certain countries. Making the exchange between buyers and sellers can be done physically or digitally. Then, sellers at bars or restaurants can use the beerCoins to cash in for real money or buy more beer from distributors or breweries. Throughout this trading network, the only time money would be involved is when users buy beerCoins or exchange these coins for money.

Since there taxes are not included, consumers save money and sellers can gain higher profits. Breweries will also increase their profits when they exchange these beerCoins in countries that offer a higher value. For example, if beerCoins are more valuable in Germany than they can be exchanged there versus in a country that does not value it as much. All participants in the network benefit from using beer2beer. Through this network, people can drink this delicious drink without worrying about money and can focus on having a good time traveling.

Now they need help developing the infrastructure of the system to make beer2beer a reality and bring it to nations around the globe. Along with other expenses like project planning, building the website and mobile app, advertising, and research in tax and exchange policies to make sure this is plausible. The campaign goal is to reach €100,000 by March 16th, 2015.

To make a contribution today visit beer2beer IndieGoGo campaign. Beer2beer wants to show their appreciation to all supporters by offering a selection of attractive perks such as mobile phone cleaner stick, exclusive challenge coins, t-shirt, personalized dog tags, and bundle packages of all the perks.

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