Solution to Combat A Growing Emotional Epidemic Around The World

By Providing Youths With Unconditional Love, Trust, and Emotional Support

Madrid, Spain – Feb 02, 2015 – Millions of children each year suffers from the aftereffects of divorced parents. They get separated from one parent in a fight that disregards their interests. This emotionally scars kids during this crucial time in their adolescent youth. What they see and experience shapes the type of person they will become in the future. Filia Foundation has spent four years helping over 10,000 families across the world handle the aftermath of divorces properly. However, they are unable to keep up with the need and cannot fulfill the large amounts of requests for help. To help them grow and expand their offices they have launched an IndieGoGo campaign. 

Every child and teenager is entitled to live in a loving and stable home. When divorces happen, some children become victims of emotional abuse. This violates their most basic rights, which is enshrined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Currently, there lacks a solution for children and parents to turn to help with this growing problem. This is why Filia Foundation was created. They wanted to help keep children safe and provide emotional support to properly handle the emotions they are feeling. 

Millions of couples get divorced every year. However, what is more tragic are the children who are caught in the middle of these divorces. Sometimes they are forced to choose between two parents and in severe cases they get abducted. This teaches them that aggressive behaviors, lying, and deceit are the only solutions to handle conflict. Based on this, it influences them to improperly interact with other adults and hinders their ability to develop loving relationships. It also makes them feel a sense of abandonment as they lack parental guidance in their lives. This can cause anxiety and depression or make them turn to the streets.

Everyone knows this problem is continuing to grow. However, there lacks real support to combat child abuse. Filia Foundation is based out of Spain, but they have been called to help families all over the world like Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. The foundation has met with social and justice institutions to develop a solution to this problem. Associations from other countries like Mexico, United Kingdom, and Portugal have also seek guidance from them. It is great there is so much demand and this shows proof their program works. However, they are unable to keep up with the requests.

Currently, the non-profit organization consists of a large group of volunteers. They work out of a cramped meeting room with a table that can seat approximately six people.  They hope to one day build an “Integral Help Family Center”. This will be a specialized center where parents and families can go to find the assistance needed. Local and national governments will get expert advice at the center and education will also be offered for social and justice workers.

This is their plan in the next few years. However, to meet the needs of the children who require their help they need funds to rent a basic office space for two years. All funds from the campaign will go to renting the space, office supplies, and hire help so they can continue to grow. The goal is to raise $155,000 by March 11, 2015. If the campaign is not fulfilled, more and more children will find themselves emotionally scarred and feel unloved when they go through this difficult experience of divorce.

Help change the world and keep these children away from abusive homes. They simply need guidance and support to show they are loved. This will teach them to develop trusting relationships in the future to avoid getting a divorce themselves. 

Visit their IndieGoGo campaign to make a contribution today. Be part of the change to give children the hope they need to combat this growing problem.

For those who cannot make a donation, show support by sharing this on Facebook and other social media sites. The more people know about this the better! 

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