Snomate – Innovative Solution Transforms the Lives of People Living in Snowy Areas

Snomate Launched An IndieGoGo Campaign To Make This Tool Available

Brampton, Ontario, Canada – Feb 03, 2015 – Snomate is a new solution for those who live in areas with heavy snow. It is the first ever collapsible snow brush that easily fits into a purse, knapsack, briefcase, or larger cost pocket. The designs have been drawn and it is ready to creating the molds to begin manufacturing. To make Snomate available to the rest of the world, they have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the funding needed to make this possible.

This incredible snow brush was designed by Allan Hechtman, who lives out in Ontario and understands the frustration of having to deal with snow on his car. Many have been there. The moment they walk to their car to find it covered in snow and struggle to find their snowbrush in their vehicle. This completely defeats the purpose and convenience of having one. The moment the car door or trunk is opened, snow gets everywhere. Allan has had years of experience in developing and designing products in automotive, lawn and garden, hunting and fishing, and general merchandise. He used this knowledge to solve this annoyance. The solution is the Snomate. 

Not only is this the first ever collapsible pocket snow brush, but it also makes it easier for those to carry it around. Now people do not have to worry about struggling to find their snow brush any longer. Individuals can forget about the days when their hands were cold, wet, and freezing from trying to find their brush. They simply pull out their Snomate from their pocket or purse and brush the snow off their car right away. Then, they have peace of mind knowing they are prepared and are able to drive safely to the next destination.

CAD drawings and designs can be found on the IndieGoGo campaign. A video of the Snomate is available on YouTube.

All funds will go towards producing the molds needed to begin manufacturing. This will be roughly around $30,000. Allan already has a production facility that will generate the filed and cut the molds. There will be a separate facility to employ the plastic injections to produce the PolyCarbonate pieces. To help the community, a trusted third party organization that works with the mentally and physically challenged will handle putting the quality bristle aspects on the brush. This will provide these individuals a purpose by keeping them busy and active.

People no longer have to struggle to make their vehicle drivable in the snow. The hassle of finding a good snow brush can finally stop here. Make a contribution today to make this great solution a reality!

Any contribution over $20 will receive a reward of their very own first collapsible snow brush to show appreciation for their support. The campaign goal is $30,000 and needs to be met by March 15, 2015.

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