JigsawLab Launches a Mobile App for Businesses and Entrepreneurs to Keep Records of Sales

Daily Sales Records has features for inventory, customers, invoice, and reports generation

Delmont, Pennsylvania – JigsawLab is proud to announce the launch of their mobile app, Daily Sales Record. In today’s business of unlimited inventory, it’s important to keep records of items and sales, to ensure proper management and processes. Daily Sales Record comes with powerful features like products inventory manager, customer contact, invoice creator, and reports generator, etc. It’s the perfect app for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need a professional inventory management programs without breaking the bank. Most importantly, the app is free.

To download the app for iOS and Android devices, please visit http://www.dailysalesrecordapp.com.

“One of the most important issues for any small business or entrepreneurs today is inventory management. You need to be able to manage your inventory, to ensure that products and goods that are in demand are available. Our app offers users multiple features that make their life easy. With this app, you can manage all your products and ensure that nothing is left out. You can also print out reports that show how your business is doing so you’ll know the necessary adjustments to make,” said Ekram, owner of JigsawLab.

Daily Sales Record is an essential tool for business people and entrepreneurs, especially those who are into retail of several items. It comes with a number of features that makes it easy for users to properly keep an eye on their inventory and not miss out anything. Products section allow users to manage inventory and products without limit of the number of products to add. Customers tab help to keep all customers in one place and access in any device, while invoices allow the creation of invoice users can immediately send to customers. Other features in the app are sales; to perform daily sales, representatives; to manage people that sell products on the user’s behalf, and archive; to check previous sales by date.

“Very straight-forward. I’ve been looking for a simple POS system and I find it perfect for me since I can change the currency setting. I just wanted something that can track my daily sales which is kind of semi-automatic but for me it’s perfect. Kudos to the creator of this app thanks much,” said Joe M, a user.

Reports can also be generated daily, weekly, or monthly in PDF, text, or excel, to observe sales progress. The app allows users to change the theme to match with their own business identity. Daily Sales Record is available on the App Store for iOS users and Google Play store for Android users. It’s so simple anyone can use it successfully via their mobile phone.

About JigsawLab

JigsawLab develops modern mobile applications that offer a solution for businesses and entrepreneurs. Their Daily Sales Record app has so far been very successful, helping over 37,000 businesses sell over 630,000 items. For more information, please contact +13027250762, support@dailysalesrecordapp.com, or visit http://www.dailysalesrecordapp.com.

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