“IZ~ The Izzy Story: Encounters” Launches the First of a Ten Book Series That Explores the Interaction of Aliens With Earthlings Teasing Out Many of the World’s Myths and Legends

This lively and intriguing story will capture the attention of readers of all ages with its uncharacteristic tale of aliens and Earthlings interactions. There are multiple storylines and settings, both in the present and thousands of years ago; “IZ~ The Izzy Story: Encounters” enlivens these exciting adventures with humor and intellectually challenging scientific concepts. 

For young readers, adventures taking place in distant worlds with unfamiliar peoples can inspire creativity and a lifelong love for exploration. This new science fiction series is a mind bending epic that connects aliens with civilizations of the world and teases out reasons for many of our legends and myths.  With the publication of the first in the ten part series, “Encounters”, authors D. Duayne Whitehurst and Lucille E. Mayton—known as Ddwlem—have created a story of which beloved memories are made.

IZ~ is replete with appealing characters: Izzy Tzeus, the product of a laboratory accident on the alien planet Authair and the hero, is both loved and feared. Cimi Nuja, mathematically brilliant, fashion savvy, with a crush on Kurl, creates quite a stir wherever she goes. Illiachus Wynter, an ancient Welsh sailor with a bit of bravado, meets Izzy and his team in a most unexpected event which then becomes the subject of Illiachus’ ballad first transcribed in the pages of this book.

Book 1, Encounters is complete and available through an exclusive Kickstarter campaign. The authors have invested an enormous amount of time, effort and capital in creating a brilliant and beautifully illustrated book, as well as a masterfully produced audio book which will serve as a captivating companion to the literary experience. By supporting this initial Kickstarter campaign, you will help make completion of this enormous literary project possible.

Among the many rewards that backers of this campaign may select are: copies of “IZ~ The Izzy Story: Book 1, Encounters,” digital book, paperback, signed hardcover, audio book, music book signed by composer Steven A. Gearhart, IZ~ customized T-shirts with imprinted signatures of their artists Chalice Mitchell and Denisa Kuldova, or a once in a lifetime video of your customized avatar flying in Graviton 1 to Planet Authair. Once this campaign ends, the “Kickstarter Backer Exclusive First Edition 2015 of “IZ~ The Izzy Story: Book 1, Encounters” will no longer be available for sale.

For more information about “IZ~” or to back this project, please visit http://kck.st/1Didk4G

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