Obsexxion is the new statement socks to rock the world

Better Quality socks, less smelly feet

London, UK – Feb 04, 2015Sock Obsexxion has spent twelve months designing and developing a unique prototype for their two-sock line, Guitar Hero and Daily Essentials. Now they have finally finished and they are ready to begin manufacturing to bring a different style in men’s socks. They created a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital to fund the first production run.


The fashion industry needs a new and vibrant sock option that is affordable to maintain. That is why Obsexxion started their own specialty sock label that offers a variety of designs to complete any outfit. All designs are inspiring and encourage others to show their individuality. Their collection takes an innovative approach that combines couture with street-wear elements to create a design the fashion industry has yet to see. 

Although socks are a simple item, it is part of a man’s daily wardrobe and can turn a plain outfit into an eye-catching one that intrigues those who pass by. However premium socks are very expensive and many times the designs are all very similar.

Obsexxion has two sock lines. There is the Guitar Hero collection, which is the perfect sock for those who love music and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. The designs are inspired by the legendary rock bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Joy Division and AC/DC. To make the designs fresh and visually engaging, they added a leather guitar pick holder, hand-stitched on the side of the right foot. Every pair of socks will come with an exclusive Obsexxion guitar pick to put in the holder. It is made with fine cotton to make it soft and comfortable for everyday wear. The socks are manufactured at the same factory as notable sock brands and have a hand sewn toe seam to ensure toe wear resistance.

The second line is the Daily Essentials. It is a great collection with a few pairs of stylish designs that fit every wardrobe. They complete business attire and casual outfits. It is a great solution for those who want a line of sock that they can rotate every day so individuals are confident they will always look good for any occasion. All designs are made with love, care, and a special attention to detail to make sure it is a quality sock to fit the needs of everyone. Both collections are made to add another dimension for the overall look and make a lasting impression many will remember.

Currently, early backers who make a contribution to the Kickstarter campaign will get five pairs for £28. This is much cheaper than premium brands where one pair of socks is £10-25. Obsexxion styles are better, made of high-quality, and are more budget friendly to adhere to the needs of everyone. Obsexxion makes it easier for people to always look their best. The packaging is in a durable cardboard so individuals can send this as a gift to their loved ones.

Contributions from the campaign will go towards the first production run that meets the factories minimum quantities. The goal is to raise £15,000 by March 7th, 2015. Almost a 30% of it has been met. Help bring this new and affordable sock line to the world so everyone can enjoy it!

To make a contribution visit the campaign. As a thank you for the support there will be exclusive Kickstarter perks such as a silver metal guitar pick and selection from their two collections.

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