Diy Electronics For Everyone With The Μhack And Ezhack Studio

Introducing An Intuitive Visual Approach Into Hardware Programming

SilverWing Industries sheds new light on the way you look at electronic DIY projects, by introducing the μHack and various compatible booster packs. The efficient and easy to use micro-controller breaks through barriers using its stackable design and compact size, made to fit nearly any project constraints that can be thought of. This powerful device can be programmed using the Arduino IDE, AVR Studio and the ezHack Studio. 

The EZHack Studio is a program designed to bring hardware programming to the masses with its easy-to-use drag and drop blocks-based system. The programming software is so intuitive, it requires no prior knowledge of coding, making using the μHack and other micro-controllers a breeze. It also helps with the process of learning how to code. First, you design your program using the block diagram system, and then you click convert to code and Voila! You have the code available to you in C. You can also program the micro-controllers straight from the program.

The μHack, along with ezHack Studio, is currently only a kickstarter idea. The kickstarter campaign was launched on the 20th of January and will continue to run until the 19th of February. They have many reward options to choose from that start at $1 and provide an array of excellent products including the μHack and EZHack Studio software, but will not be able to continue funding this product without the help of crowd funding.

SilverWing Industries would like to invite you to join their endeavor to bring DIY electronics to the masses by using the μHack and EZHack Studio. The highly effective and inexpensive development boards offer a variety of options for your DIY projects. Back us on kickstarter by going to and be one of the first to get a μHack or other other rewards. Happy Hacking!


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