The Work Is Too Heavy You Cannot Handle It Alone

Whether you are just starting a church, in the middle of a next phase building program or you are a culturally sound mega church, you know what it means to have a dedicated, committed and skillfully trained leadership staff that is committed to fulfilling the mandate of God.

Are you tired of not having enough qualified leaders and volunteer staff? Are your Sunday mornings filled with volunteers that cancel at the last minute, or just don’t call at all and you are left scrambling to fill a classroom teacher or assistant? Is your leadership staff getting enough proper training to create a Culture of Servant Leadership that draws people from the other side of the city just to attend your church? If this sounds familiar then it’s time to transform your congregation!

Whether you are just starting a church, in the middle of a next phase building program or you are a culturally sound mega church, you know what it means to have a dedicated, committed and skillfully trained leadership staff that is committed to fulfilling the mandate of God.  The quality of your leadership is the framework of a great church ministry. Serving in the local church is as important to the growth of the congregation as it is to the individual servant leader. Ultimately the benefit is far greater on the side of the one serving. However, would you send a soldier into battle without adequate training, or without being equipped with the proper tools, not only to serve effectively but also create personal growth for the next call of duty?  Building on the premise of Proverbs 25:4, “Remove the dross from the silver and out comes material for the silversmith,” leadership teams that are properly equipped to Lead, Develop and Care for those in a church are more likely to stay longer, disciple others and become vital leaders in your church growth.

“I was 30 years old a single parent, a high school teacher and coach, living out of my car, yes, that means I was homeless. But even then I knew I was a ‘Story In The Making’ and I chose to keep my story moving forward.  I refused to get stuck.  Now I travel across the country speaking and coaching thousands of pastors, ministers and business leaders on how to expand their capacity to grow by training tomorrow’s leaders. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway, ‘go make disciples.’ Through a well prepared discipleship leadership training program a church can create a culture of spirit-filled and spirit-skilled Servant Leaders who are passionate about following you into battle.”  

“As the CEO of a large family owned Christian Camp in Oklahoma serving thousands of young people each year, The Furnace Training Curriculum was developed over a 5 year period to create a leadership culture that could help me run the ministry that I was called to do. After only 2 years of leading a ministry, I was overwhelmed with the work. The responsibility required more than just MY skill set. Each year, we added a new level of training and discipleship to the curriculum to bring new leaders forward in their mindset and skills. Once the leadership culture was in place, I was able to turn a 40 year old family ministry over to a new leader (outside the family) to take what my parents had started back in 1972 to a whole new level. This freed me up to continue to follow my calling and expand my influence. My heart was to not only develop leaders that were equipped to help me train and disciple other young leaders, but also to develop a culture of true and genuine Servant Leaders so they would grow and benefit in the sphere of ministry God had for them,” says Clay.

Everyone is a “Story in the Making” and volunteer staff and team leaders are no different. In fact those serving along side of you have more inside that has not yet been seen. They have a great desire to serve, grow and a passion to help you accomplish the vision at hand. Frustration and discouragement sets in when there is a lack of training and tools to accomplish the task. The church suffers, the pastor suffers and even more importantly the individual suffers.

The Furnace places the necessary tools into the hands of pastors and church leaders to train and properly equip an army of leaders with a heart to fulfill the Great Commission. With a framework of faith-based teachings from Romans 11, 12 and 13, The Furnace empowers leaders with a new way of thinking and developing a Culture of Servant Leadership across the nation.

The Furnace is unique in that it includes practical teaching through DVD training sessions, a Student Training Workbook and Student Handbooks. Each thirty-minute DVD lesson is filled with humor, personal experiences and the firm belief that everyone can learn to be an excellent leader. Clay challenges each student to learn, grow and embrace the path of spiritual and personal development in his or her life. The mark of a great leader is learning to live within boundaries instead of trying to change the boundaries to fit your lifestyle.

This training system will drastically change the caliber of new Christian leaders entering into the world and ultimately impact the world for Christ. THE FURNACE LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM IS THE SOLUTION!

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