Martha Flores Gibson Promises Better Things For The Middle Class In California!

Republican Martha Flores Gibson, who is running for CA State Senate (SD33), promises to make California better for the Middle Class and also for Millennials. In her own press release, Gibson addresses some of the concerns that the legislators in Sacramento have been complaining about and promising that Republicans will bring the shift that people are seeking.

Things are looking up for the people in California State Senate District 33, as Martha Flores Gibson has taken up some of the key concerns that have been hurting the middle class in particular. In the last couple of years, the chorus is loud against matters related to education and taxation and Gibson promises to change things for the better if elected to the Senate.

Gibson, who has been vocal against the leftists and their rule in Sacramento, has criticized the tendency to punish the working middle class. Time and again, she has talked of the excessive means of taxing, be it additional property taxes and fees, the gas tax or something as absurd as the proposed water tax. Her election agenda has been rather simple so far – a California that doesn’t compromise on the interests of the tax paying citizens and make California into a state of poverty and welfare.

Gibson and her team have been out in SD33 discussing how the rule of Democrats in the state, for a considerable period now, has affected Californians, especially the millennials. Additional issues such as lack of affordable housing, a not-so-updated education system, increasing healthcare costs and high taxes have forced the middle class to leave the state. Gibson also points out the high poverty rates, the increasing homelessness problem and the business climate that is anything but friendly for investors. 

The Republican platform for this California State Senate Seat 2019 is unlike the hollow promises of the Democrats. Gibson outlines how individuals and the system can work together to create a ladder that will help many achieve independence and success and not be as unfavourable to the middle class as it often has been.

Gibson asks people to VOTE for her in the Primary on March 26, 2019. She has been endorsed by State Senate GOP Minority Leader Shannon Grove and the newly elected CA Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Patterson.

About Martha Flores Gibson

Martha Flores Gibson is running for CA SD 33 on March 26, 2019. With core issues like taxation, education and poverty on her agenda, she might be the Republican in Sacramento who will facilitate a wave of change. To learn more about Martha, please follow, or email her at

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