Jones Media Publishing celebrates its 100th book launch

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Jones Media Publishing celebrates the 100th book launch for their clients, marking an extraordinary milestone, and one upon which they intend to build and continue their legacy of helping authors achieve a level of success they only dreamed of.

As countless authors have discovered, getting published by way of the traditional publishing model is wrought with challenges and hurdles that can be both discouraging and off-putting.

But one Arizona based publishing company has stepped in to help aspiring and successful authors shed the burden of a broken publishing system to achieve their goals and make sure their next book is the success it was destined to be.

Jones Media Publishing, a forward-thinking innovator in the realm of publishing, has devoted their business to helping authors find their voice, engage their core audience, and successfully add their name among the growing list of published writers they’ve worked with worldwide.

Announcing Their 100th Publication

For years, Jones Media Publishing has built a reputation as Arizona’s top-rated book publishing company, having worked with authors spanning a broad range of industries including attorneys, athletes, highly-respected doctors, coaches, consultants and more.

Their steadfast execution of high quality, proprietary processes, exceptional service, and dedication to helping authors succeed has set them apart from the competition, and has paved the way for the announcement of their 100th published book.

The 100th book publication for their clients marks an extraordinary milestone, and one upon which they intend to build and continue their legacy of helping authors achieve a level of success they only dreamed of.

Innovative Blueprint for Success

Leveraging a battle-tested and proven approach, Jones Media Publishing takes authors from concept to reality, laying out a process that ensures their book will be nothing short of a success.

3-Stage Publishing Process

Their process, dubbed the “Authority Coach Blueprint” taps into over 30-years of professional publishing know-how, helping coaches, consultants and industry experts both create and execute a strategy designed to help them achieve greatness.

Their Authority Coach Blueprint covers:

  • Authority foundation – laying the support framework for things to come
  • Authority Production – clearly defines goals and outlines production deliverables
  • Authority Launch – prepares for successful launch and promotion

This process was created by military veteran and their CEO Jeremy C. Jones as a rock solid foundation for experts to use their book as a tool to gain new speaking engagements and acquire new clients.

Jones Media Publishing also employs a 3-phase approach when working with publishing clients, making sure all I’s are dotted, T’s crossed, and that they have everything in place to hit the ground running.

Phase 1: Focuses on creation, bringing ideas to life in a way that connects with the target audience, and fine-tuning the end product.

Phase 2: Focuses on the “package”, making sure your book not only reads well, but looks irresistible. From artwork to paper grains, Jones Media Publishing leaves no stone unturned.

Phase 3: Focuses on the actual “release” of your book, making sure your launch gets in front of the right audience, generates buzz, and flies off store shelves into the hands of your ideal reader. In the last 12-months many of their authors have achieved bestseller status as a result of their unique book promotion methods.

For those interested in learning more about book publishing, reach out to them directly on their website, or via the contact information below.

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