Fundraising Zone Shares Best Fundraisers for Sports Teams

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Youth sports programs need help because school sports funding has been cut across the nation. What can you do? Joe Wolpin of Fundraising Zone shares 27 ways to raise money for youth sports teams.

In this article Fundraising Zone shares some of their best fundraisers for sports teams.

Across the nation school teams and youth sports leagues are looking for ways to raise money. If you are working with the local youth sports team in your community, then you can probably relate to this.

The school system in the United States has been notorious for cutting sports team funding. After all, if the school board has to choose between basketball or text books, you know that textbooks will win every time. So, where does that leave school sports? It is up to coaches, parents and booster clubs to help make up the difference.

We talked to Joe Wolpin of Fundraising Zone and asked him what parents can do to raise money for their school sports team? Joe tells us, “Traditionally, members of the PTA have tried bake sales, car washes and yard sales. Unfortunately, this is often not enough to raise the money school sports programs require. In fact, every week we get phone calls from sports booster club parents looking for ways to raise extra money.”

Are there any ideas you can share with parents and coaches?

“Our clients have tried all kinds of ways to raise money for their team. For example:”

Some of the best fundraisers for sports teams include:

  1. Sports team car wash
  2. Garage sale fundraiser.
  3. Home baked goods sale.
  4. Sell cookie dough
  5. Obstacle courses.
  6. Talent shows.
  7. Karaoke night.
  8. Sell gourmet popcorn.
  9. Dinner and a movie fundraiser.
  10. Restaurant dinner fundraisers.
  11. Sell raffle tickets.
  12. Sell trail mix.
  13. Silent auctions.
  14. Walk-a-thons
  15. Getting team sponsors.
  16. Sell coffee!
  17. Selling advertising.
  18. Teacher vs. students’ sports tournaments.
  19. Selling team shirts.
  20. Sell wrapping paper.
  21. Concession stands.
  22. Asking for donations.
  23. Sell flower bulbs and seeds.
  24. Peer to peer fundraising.
  25. Rake leaves for a donation.
  26. Walk dogs for a donation.
  27. Sell snacks.

“These work for all kinds of school sports programs. This includes baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, cheer, etc. All of these fundraising ideas can help any youth sports program.”

So, what other suggestions do you offer sports coaches and parents?

Joe continues, “We have had phenomenal success with fundraising brochures for youth sports teams. For example, every holiday season people will be shopping for wrapping paper and gifts for friends and family. We have a winter fundraising brochure that has all of these things. The best part is that your school team earns up to 50% profit on every sale.”

Well, what happens if it isn’t winter time and the school team still wants to raise money?

Joe continues, “That’s perfectly OK, because we have spring fundraisers too. We actually have a fundraising brochure for any time of year.”

“For instance, do you know anyone that drinks coffee? We have an easy sports fundraiser selling coffee. The team earns 40% profit on every sale. Can you imagine your ball players getting paid to help people to drink coffee?”

Joe adds, “The best part is that the youth sports team has no upfront costs to get started. Brochures, envelopes, prize incentive programs, parent letters and coaching are all free. The team simply pays for the product they sell from the money they collect in advance. So, it’s 100% risk free for schools.”

Any final tips?

Joe concludes, “Our free sports team fundraising program works as the perfect complement to whatever the team is doing already. Most school teams come to realize that by combining fundraising events, they can earn the most money for their sports program.”

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