Irfan Merchant’s Mobile Motion Mocap Opens State-of-the-Art Virtual Production Studio in Burbank

Irfan Merchant’s new Mobile Motion Mocap Virtual Production Studio in Burbank produces film, TV, and advertising content using live actors, digital characters, and digital environments in real time. Details:

Mobile Motion Mocap, founded by producer Irfan Merchant, has opened a new Virtual Production Studio in Burbank, California.  MMM produces broadcast quality and UHD film, animation, episodic TV, and advertising content in real time using digital production tools and pipelines that significantly reduce production costs and shorten production timetables.

For more information visit or call (818) 237-3320.

Mobile Motion Mocap’s new production location features a large, dedicated, green screen and capture volume. On-site motion capture systems include Qualisys, Faceware, Dynamixyz, Rokoko, and Nasense. Real time compositing solutions include Unreal Engine, Unity, Zero Density Reality, and a variety of virtual reality and 360 production solutions. On-site animators, modelers, FX creators and trained mocap performers complete a one-stop solution for producers who need to create content quickly.

About the new studio, Merchant says, “All MMM’s solutions are portable.  We can shoot on any soundstage and almost any practical location, but our new studio provides a turn key production facility in the heart of Burbank that’s always ready to go.”

Nancy Fulton, Director of Business Development and Marketing adds, “We place live actors and/or live-captured digital characters on full 3D digital sets, or into real world environments, in real time.  Producers don’t spend months or years waiting for their shots to be composited together. They are fully composited, on set, live where producers, directors, cast and crew can work together to get exactly the footage the production needs.”

Producers seeking to schedule a time to see the studio and discuss their projects should call (818) 237-3320 or email

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