Introducing Pebl®
 The ultimate and complete IoT Solution

Pebl® is a secure, self-reliant, pre-programmed and complete IoT device that enables anyone to control, monitor and automate anything, anytime, from anywhere.


A new Kickstarter campaign has recently introduced the ultimate & complete IoT solution that assures a secured, universal and affordable IoT device that can be used by anybody to control anything, from anywhere. Titled “Pebl®,” this innovative device comes in a reliable, flexible, smart & secured package developed by UK based innovative IoT company, Fingoti.

Pebl® is designed to connect with, control and/or monitor any electrical device.

Whether you want to boil your electric kettle or need to collect analytics to keep track on your business – count on Pebl®. You have a unique yet simple out-of-the-box solution to IoT that will be your all-in-one solution for controlling, monitoring and automating any electrical device. The possibilities are endless”, stated George Reburn, Fingoti CEO.

Pebl® is self-reliant and eliminates the need for central control hubs. Users simply need to download the Fingoti app and add their WiFi credentials. The user can then instantly incorporate Pebl® into their project and reap the benefits of its IoT functionality. The device already comes with pre-configured software, hardware & back-end infrastructure to ensure comprehensive support for users. 

The IoT is a big place and development of an IoT solution is both daunting and super expensive. The whole process demands specialist and technical expertise. But we believe the concept of IoT should be simple and intuitive so that anybody can use it. Thus, we have done all the legwork for you, thanks to our talented team of electrical and network specialists. Pebl® assures a complete end-to-end solution for business, education, home automation projects and everything else. Most importantly, the possibilities for ROI with this tiny device are HUGE!  You will experience fast & large returns with minimal upfront costs”.

We are looking forward to commencing mass production now, hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring the revolutionary device to life and make your life simpler and smarter.

Pebl® promises enterprise-grade encryption security as well as the pre-programmed interface. With other similar devices, users have to write custom software to use them; however, this is not required with Pebl® as it is engineered to respond to pre-determined commands. Moreover, while other products are mere bare board devices, Pebl® comes in a fully encapsulated water-tight package.

Backers will be rewarded with a Pebl® device, portal discount, a fully comprehensive Starter Pack and multipacks of Pebl® devices. Pledges range from £10 for a single device, to £1,200 for the exclusive opportunity to access in-person VIP consultation and remote support from the Fingoti technical team. 

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