La Ka Ecology Token opens a new blockchain economic model

In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the rapid development of technology has made the sharing of social resources possible, the cost of information exchange has been greatly reduced, and the information exchange of peer-to-peer has been changed by multi-point interleaved information exchange, compared with PC. In the Internet age, the  information exchange on the  mobile  Internet generation is no longer limited by time and space, and the sharing economy has flourished in recent years. At the same time, the rise of new formats of the sharing economy, various business models and companies that provide shared services came into being, time exchange, skill exchange, and item exchange became a trend. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the global shared financial economy will reach $336 billion in 2025.

With the future development of the global shared financial industry, the blockchain is a technology that cannot be avoided. P2P does not form a legal relationship of borrowing trust between strangers, and the underlying technology of blockchain is re-established by algorithms. The trust between people, people and machines, machines, through a cross-border language and trust mechanism, to create value exchange and exchange between strangers without intermediaries.

La Ka Ecology Token is a decentralized financial industry integrated ecological application chain based on blockchain technology. It uses the blockchain sharing mechanism to link the development elements of Southeast Asian industries and builds the entire financial industry with smart contracts. The trading process of consumption aims to solve the pain points of the world’s traditional financial industry and the closed loop of the financial industry’s ecology. In the future, users holding La Ka Ecology Token can achieve security on any networked computer in any country in the world. transaction. When consumers enjoy any product in the financial industry ecology, they can use La Ka Ecology Token to pay for everything they need in financial consumption, realize the upgrade of traditional shared finance industry and service innovation, and let the global financial industry get real value. The extension will bring new growth points to the traditional shared financial business model.

Based  on  the  Southeast  Asian  financial  industry  and  relying  on  a  strong  technical  and operational team, La Ka Ecology Token has established the underlying structure of “blockchain + artificial intelligence + big data” to integrate blockchain technology with Southeast Asian financial industry. With business as the entry point and foothold, we will open up real estate investment, medical and health, cultural tourism and other industries, build a global tens of billions of large-scale commercial industry chain and win-win ecological circle, and build a great “to protect the happy life of human beings with digital solutions”. dream. In the future, La Ka Ecology Token will create a green shared ecosystem in Southeast Asia with unimpeded and economical high-speed flow. La Ka Ecology Token is expected to create a green financial ecosystem with unimpeded and economical circulation.

La Ka Ecology Token breaks through the traditional blockchain operation mode, adopts a new light mining mode, shares the value creation, blockchain + mall model, and builds a complete shared financial ecological chain with LKET platform currency as the medium.

New mining mode: La Ka Ecology Token adopts a mode of light mining. After mining, it can be used to lock the Token, which is the mainstream mining mode, so that everyone can enter the digital currency investment at the lowest cost field.

Sharing and creating value: In the La Ka Ecology Token ecosystem, users can make recommendations to people outside the platform. When the referees also conduct mining, the promoters can obtain mining dividends to realize the rapid increase of personal wealth.

In the era of rapid development of blockchain economy, La Ka Ecology Token will open up a new situation of shared financial development, and will create a safe, efficient, credible and in-depth shared financial blockchain service platform to reshape global shared finance. The new ecology is a veritable leader and leader of the blockchain financial industry. La Ka Ecology Token leads the development of the shared financial industry and realizes the rapid development of blockchain sharing finance.

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