Mindkoo Kid’s Bluetooth Headphones – A Wireless Wonder

If you have a kid, then you know how addicted they can become to certain things. Just how many millions of times have you had to hear Let it Goooooo blaring across your living room or car?

This is why MindKoo headphones are exactly what you and your entertainment loving kid need. Not only are these colorful headphones exciting to wear, they are also incredibly safe to use. With 3 volume levels not surpassing 94dB, it is the perfect pair of headphones for children.

Not only does your child get access to their favorite videos and games at a safe listening volume, they also get to make the headphones their own with 6 cartoon stickers so they can DIY their own preferred look for a style that is unique to their creative expression while they listen to the music they love.

And you know what’s even better? They’re super comfortable. Soft earpads allow for long term wear without any discomfort. Additionally, it is lightweight, foldable and easy to store, allowing children to be active as they have a complete immersive experience with these high-quality headphones with three different volume levels between 75dB, 85dB and 94dB.

So the next time you’re on a long plane ride, do yourself a favor and get these headphones. Since they’re super light, portable and foldable, they can be used anywhere and everywhere. In fact, your child can also take calls through the built-in microphone.

So the next time your kid’s obsession with Elsa gets a little out of hand, your ears and sanity will be just fine.

For more information, visit here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L3MLW9P.

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