Relocation Cases That the Eidelman and Associates Law Firm Can Take On

Once you have split from your ex-partner it can be tricky to navigate the subject of relocating yourself along with your child. It does not matter the reason behind your move, whether for financial or emotional reasons. Arguments are likely to break out. Tensions can run high and the negotiations can be stressful to say the least. If a resolution is not reached privately between yourself and your ex-spouse, then naturally you must turn to an experienced and caring law firm to handle and mediate your case. A law firm based within Lehigh Valley by the name of Eidelman and Associates. They will handle your case with understanding and the upmost of professionalism. If you cannot reach an agreement need legal mediation, the firm of Eidelman and Associates can offer assistance. This includes big or small cases, high stakes or simple affairs. The offices of Eidelman and Associates are equipped to deal with both. Under their experienced guidance and help, you can rest knowing that they are fighting to get you a fair and impartial settlement with as little unease as possible. It may seem difficult, but these things take time and patience.

Every relocation case is different and unique. The primary concern in everyone however, is the happiness of all parties involved, the child caught up in the fight being the primary concern. However, every case will also operate within the same parameters. This means that the employees of the Eidelman and Associates law firm will be there to undergo and preside over the initial mediation meetings to help the estranged parents reach a fair and manageable compromise.

 However, the Eidelman and Associates law firm are also experienced in what to do if the parents of the child do not find an agreement in their mediation meetings, or by themselves. This will mean family court. Eidelman and Associates will fight the corner of their client in court and out of it, should the occasion arise. However, the law firm will try to make sure that negotiations are agreed upon in a timely manner outside of the court room, as the process will not be as costly or as harmful to the emotional health of any and all parties involved – the child/children especially. They are indeed any other good law firm will seek to make the whole harrowing ideal as painless as possible.

Child relocation cases can be difficult and complex for all, the family and the lawyer. In Pennsylvania the law is constantly changing and evolving. Eidelman and Associates law firm ensure that they are up to date on all the new regulations and legal guidelines.

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