Capture All Details for Nighttime Surveillance: ANNKE Starlight D8BS Security Camera System

ANNKE, a leading global provider of smart home security solutions, released its brand-new Starlight D8BS DVR security camera system eight months ago. With a range of advanced features, it is acclaimed as the best camera system for both home and business use.

“We are confident that this surveillance camera system will keep all families safe and secure,” says the spokesperson for the company. In today’s highly insecure times, not having a good quality security camera system can prove to be disastrous for any family. Investing in a home security camera system such as ANNKE can help you and your family enjoy a peaceful life without having to worry about intruders.

Developed and manufactured in China, Annke’s security camera systems are of high quality, convenient to use and affordable, and are favored by more than 50 million consumers worldwide. Since Starlight D8BS was first released, it has been widely praised by users worldwide, as we learned from the interviews with Annke’s management team. Because of its high quality and reasonable price, its total number of orders on major international trade platforms has exceeded well over 500,000 units, which undoubtedly stands out from its competitor products.

What are the amazing features of Starlight D8BS?

It is one of the best products available in the home security camera system niche. It comes with extraordinarily clear night vision, H.264+ video compression, customized motion detection, email alert, etc. Some of the unique features of this powerful and sophisticated camera system are as follows:

First of all, the starlight effect is an important feature of this high-end security camera system. Working perfectly with the 8-channel 3MP 5-in-1 security DVR, the four starlight security cameras can deliver bright and color-saturated pictures in 1080P HD high resolution. Thus, you can discover all tiny details effortlessly, like a rat hiding behind the vehicle wheel. Equipped with a sensor with a larger target surface and a lens with a larger aperture, the cameras can deliver a much clearer picture than its competitor products.

The most amazing feature of this system is its spectacular night vision. Unlike other conventional infrared cameras, the starlight cameras have superior photo-sensitivity. They deliver remarkably clear night vision even in the pitch dark, almost free of image noises. This feature is extremely useful in the low-illumination environment, as it can help you capture the intruder’s facial and posture characteristics.

“Image noise is a headache for many users when it comes to nighttime surveillance. Through our great efforts, we have adopted high-end technology to reduce the image noise greatly,” commented Jerry Y., senior director of Annke products.

Annke’s complete product line is composed of over 10 product series and hundreds of different products, which cater to different demands of consumers. Apart from the Starlight series security camera system, Jerry’s professional technical team has also developed other series like Nova and Ease. As a well-known security product developer, he once participated in key research projects of MIT, and won a number of influential awards in the field of domestic security.

The third outstanding feature is H.264+ video compression. After you enable it, compression and transmission efficiency will be considerably improved, while video quality remains smooth and precise. This is a huge money-saving feature as it allows you to maximize storage space. For instance, with a 1TB HDD, you can record continuously for 816 hours on reasonable conditions. In contrast, H.264 takes 3TB HDD to deliver a similar performance.

Annke has also introduced other functions, like customized motion detection and motion-triggered alarm. You can mark out the vital areas for motion detection like the front door, so as to minimize false alerts. Traffic vehicle on the boulevard or pedestrians on the sidewalk won’t trigger the alarm while trespassers cannot get away with it. Once movements are detected in the customized areas, instant email alert with snapshots as well as app push notifications will be sent to you right the first time.

However, what if you want to know what happens at your house when you’re away? Just download the Annke Vision app from App Store or Google Play, install it onto your smartphone or tablet, then you can start monitoring in minutes. Whether you are sitting in the office busy working or soaking up the sun by a beach 1000 miles away, live viewing is in the palm of your hand. In addition to viewing on your mobile devices, you can also access live video via the PC client “Guarding Vision.”

With its crystal clear image, amazing night vision, exceptional H.264+ video compression and other extraordinary functions, Starlight D8BS will be an ideal choice for your home and business surveillance.

You may be interested in other information about ANNKE.

Annke is a leading global provider of smart home security solutions. ANNKE is committed to product development in the security field of smart homes, professional security, business suites, etc., and is striving to become a leader in professional security based on cloud computing and Internet of Things technologies.

Annke has established a long-term strategic cooperative partnership with the world’s top and renowned manufacturers, such as Hikvision and Dahua. Its global brand awareness and influence are gradually surpassing other well-known international brands in the security field, like Swann, Night Owl, Lorex, Ring and Blink, and it is striving hard to become the world’s top 50 security brands.

Annke delivers a sense of safety to every consumer by building better security and surveillance equipment.

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