A Post-80s Dark Horse, Li Yubao, To Be Listed as a Forbes Upstart

In recent years, with the support of public policy, Unicorns took turns to offer IPO and every walk of our life has witnessed a subversive development, greatly changing our life in the aspects of food, clothing, shelter and hospitalization. New opportunities in 2019 are drawing near and the next Alibaba is about to born.

In the age of rapid change, in order to take the industrially historic opportunity and await the arrival of wealth storm, we should follow the national strategy and stick to sectors with potential. A subversive commercial revolution is around the corner.

Not long ago, at Two Sessions, Premier Li Keqiang specially mentioned that the outpatient expense of chronic diseases should be included in medical insurance and 50% of the expense should be reimbursed. Now the population of chronic patients in China has surpassed 400 million. Among the deaths due to disease, chronic patients account for 80% and the medical care expense of chronic diseases takes up 70% of the total medical care expense.

Diabetes is a major part of chronic disease which was a disease particularly mentioned by Premier Li Keqiang at Two Sessions. The population of chronic disease patients is up to 400 million in China and the domestic diabetic medicine market is near 50 million yuan. The global diabetic medicine market is near 600 million yuan. In various diabetic medicine markets, the amount of insulin accounts for over 60%. Namely, the domestic insulin stock market is over 30 billion yuan and the global indulin stock market is more than 360 billion yuan. Oral insulin is in strong demand while only oral insulin made by YunHong Group China is on sale. According to information, oral insulin made by YunHong Group China is in the application of drug number in several countries which will have a hopeful approval of China’s regulatory authorities this year. It is estimated that oral insulin has a alternative market where traditional insulin can be replaced and the market substitution rate is 30% which equals to 100 billion yuan.

Under the opportunity of Science and Technology in 2018, IPO set off a ‘Rich’ Boom. More than 10 of the top 100 billionaires in the Hurun Rich List came from IPO listed companies. Especially the Xiaomi Group, which was listed in July 2018, Lei Jun has led the group’s president Lin Bin and co-founder Hong Feng and other eight elders to join the list. The 20-year A-share market is booming and will inject a stronger booster into the global capital market. YUNHONG Group(China)chose to land on NASDAQ in the United States this year, aiming for the exerting a foothold in the global health market.

It is believed that YUNHONG Group has already achieved the target of being leading enterprise of Peptide industry in China with Patent Barriers for the Peptide industry by applying multiple Science and Technology Patents worldwide. The Group has dominated a new concept in Chinese capital market by means of laying out e-commerce, internet medical service, IoT and occupying chronic diseases management market. After China Yunhong Group landed on Nasdaq, if the company acquired various assets of the group and completed the product line, it will occupy a chronic disease market, and its market value is expected to exceed one trillion. Its actual controller, Mr. Li Yubao, still holds a 47% stake in the company whose value will also rise as the company goes public and the merger is gradually completed.

In 2018, Forbes Black Horse was Huang Zheng who is the founder of Pinduoduo, one of the major shopping apps in China. As a young talent in the post-80s, he seized the post-Internet era and grasped the opportunity that ‘Flow to the countryside’. He was listed on the market in 28 months. With the IPO, the price rose by 77.63 billion China Yuan, ranking Hurun 12. The rankings of the year are surging, who can grasp the new capital enthusiasm, complete the listing and the established market share, who will laugh at the capital market.

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