2019 China•Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival Press Conference Held in Macao

“Releasing Water, I am waiting for you at Dujiangyan.”

At 2 pm on March 22, 2019, the fourth-floor lobby of the Macao Tower was full of joy. The 2019 China Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival Press Conference was held here. Leaders such as Jun Xu, the Deputy Director of Economic Department of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region, Zhiliang Wu, the Chairman of Macao Foundation Administration Committee, Qihua Wen, the Head of Macao Government Tourism Office, Xinxin Mu, the Head of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Weidong Zhang, the Executive Director of MSTV Satellite TV Company Limited, Xiaoshu Zhang, the Supervisor of Hong Kong Financial Services Institute, Dan Ye, the President of Chengdu Perform&Art Group Co. Ltd, Sheng Lu, the Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of CPC Dujiangyan, Xiaofeng Tang, the Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and Propaganda Minister of CPC Dujiangyan, Lina Chen, the Deputy Mayor of Dujiangyan Municipal People’s Government and more than 150 guests from Macao’s well-known tourism and cultural companies and media industry attended the conference.

At the press conference, Lina Chen, the Deputy Mayor of Dujiangyan Municipal People’s Government, made a press release on the 2019 China Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival. According to reports, the city is named after the water conservancy project Dujiangyan. 2275 years ago, Libin,Governor of Shu(Ancient name of Sichuan Province), led the public to build the unparalleled water conservancy project Dujiangyan. Since then, the volatile impoverished Chengdu Plain has become the land of abundance of “The elements were propitious, the country prospered and the people enjoyed peace”. Dujiangyan is therefore known as “the land of abundance”. It is the oldest water conservancy project characterized by long-term, long-lasting, dam-free water diversion. It is a great miracle of ancient Chinese water conservancy projects, the crystallization of hard work and wisdom of the working people of ancient China, the epoch-making masterpiece of the Chinese nation and thesplendid pearl in the history of world water conservancy. Relying on the Dujiangyan old-age system, the associated Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival is an important festival with historical value, cultural value and scientific value. It is still a folk cultural activity in the west of Sichuan.

The 2019 China Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival was hosted by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Dujiangyan Administration of Sichuan Province, organized by the Chengdu Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, and the Dujiangyan Municipal People’s Government,co-organized by the Qingcheng Mountain-Dujiangyan Scenic Area Administration of Dujiangyan City and the Dujiangyan Administration of Sichuan Province Co-organized by the First Management Office and Dujiangyan City Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau, executed by Chengdu Performing Arts Group Co.Ltd. It will be held in Dujiangyan on April 5, 2019. The theme of the event is “Using the ancient law to intercepts the river and pour the water like before.” The purpose is to restore the river engineering technology of the ancient times, strictly follow the traditional ritual agenda, reproduce the water release appeared more than 2,000 years ago, and lay the foundation for bidding for the world intangible cultural heritage.

There will be three highlights in this year’s Water Releasing Festival: the original version of river closure, the original version of the traditional sacrifice, the original reproduction of pouring the water. Lina Chen said that these three highlights will become an important reason for people to celebrate the Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival.

Later, at the press conference, “The Water Drops” a song specially created for the Water Releasing Festival was sang by the Chengdu Performing Arts Group, the melodious and gently melody brought people into the Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival. Dujiangyan site personnel also answered the questions of the reporter’s concern.

It is understood that although Dujiangyan City is located in southwestern China, it is not a closed and backward city, but an open and inclusive city. As early as 2,000 years ago, the Southern Silk Road, Songmao Ancient Road, Yangtze River Waterway, The Jianmen sichuan road opened the way to the world for Dujiangyan, and also provided a way for the people of the world to know Dujiangyan. International friends such as Marco Polo, Richthofen, Isabella Byrd, Zhang Bolin, Joseph Needham, and Lu Deli have long used the words, pictures and videos to show the charm of Dujiangyan to the world. Today, the Dujiangyan Water Releasing Festival has become a brand-new business card that Dujiangyan showing the world, attracting the eyes of people all over the world.

All along, Macao and Dujiangyan have been connected with each other, especially after the “5•12” earthquake in 2008, the love and support of Macaospecial administrative regions have given Dujiangyan City deep concern and great help. With a deep affection, the people of Dujiangyan always bear in mind and dare not to forget each other. In 2019, Dujiangyan City took the lead in building a beautiful livable park city and an international eco-tourism city. As a well-known tourist city, Dujiangyan hopes to further grasp the new trend of international tourism development, because Macao is an international city for the world to know China. As an important window in China, they hope that Dujiangyan’s cultural tourism industry will start from Macao and open a new chapter to spread the voice of Dujiangyan to the world and show the world the good mountains, good water, good stories, good people, good songs and good culture of Dujiangyan.

Finally, 800,000 warm and hospitable people from Dujiangyan sent an invitation to the Macao compatriots: “Welcome friends from Macao to come to our city to visit Qingcheng Mountain, worship Dujiangyan, get close to the giant panda, and explore Tianfuyuan.”

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