GRAVITY – The deep relaxation tool proven to fight the opioid crisis launches £25,000 Kickstarter campaign to open into the US market

The opioid crisis is showing no signs of slowing down as it reaches its 3rd decade. The World Health Organisation lists stress as the health epidemic of the 21st Century. A serious problem, costing serious money.

One of the solutions offered by WHO and medical professionals around the world is effective relaxation. Cheaper, safer, and longer lasting, it is been proven to help treat conditions ranging from headaches, depression and anxiety, and sleep, to improving posture, and aches and pains.

But if you’re reading this at your desk, with your shoulders up around your ears, relaxation probably sounds easier said than done.

Induce deep relaxation and accelerate rest for stressed minds and bodies.

Gravity is an award-winning device for deep relaxation and mindfulness. Lying down on the variable height spheres of the two-piece recovery system stimulates deep tissue relaxation, leading to many health benefits.

It’s the system which medical, health, and wellness practitioners recommend their clients use at home.

During rigorous testing and research users reported long lasting improvements to their sleep, posture, pain levels, movement, flexibility, breathing, and even sporting performance.

“Gravity is a product I recommend.” – Cliff Eaton, MSc PGC McSP, Chartered Physiotherapist

“It is clear that the device is safe, reduces pain, and improves posture and mobility.” – Dr Nicky Bertollo PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Medical Device Engineer, School of Medicine, University College Dublin

“As a Doctor, I’ve been treating people struggling with back pain for over 17 years, and know how important it is to have pain relief. Gravity has shown to provide benefits of relaxation and improved sleep. It’s a simple and safe option.” – Dr Helen Jones, BSc (Hons) MB ChB (Hons) DTM and H MRCGP

“I began using Gravity and it rapidly started transforming my life.” – Barry Gray, Former Royal Marines Regimental Sergeant Major

Gravity ready to launch cost effective deep-relaxation in the US. 

After the incredible success following television, radio and newspaper coverage in the UK, we’re now ready to bring the powerful health benefits of using Gravity to the US. To meet the (already considerable!) demand, we need to increase production and drop ship stock. We’re hoping the power of the public can help us do that, with our Kickstarter campaign.

Click here to viw the Kickstarter campaign

About Gravity

Gravity was designed and invented by Shane Murnaghan. After being struck by a car he was left with a broken back and the prospect of being in a wheelchair. 

Suffering chronic pain, he was unable to relax. Using extensive knowledge of the human body and how it moves, gained through 30 years as a practising therapist, a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and multi-black belts in ninjutsu martial arts, he invented Gravity. It triggered the deep relaxation his body badly needed to heal, reducing his pain levels.

Delighted with the results, he introduced the system to some of his patients, discovering that it induced the same deep relaxation he had felt, with a wide range of benefits.

Shane launched Gravity Life alongside Michael Fisher, the company’s managing director. Mike has decades of experience in managing the delivery of global brands and began by supplying systems to dozens of practitioners in different sectors for in-field testing. 

Several awards and thousands of delighted customers later, Mike and Shane are committed in their mission to make the benefits of deep relaxation as accessible as possible.


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