Adapt Media Assists Emergency Damage Restoration Companies to Leverage their Brand and Grow their Business

Adapt Media Assists Emergency Damage Restoration Companies to Leverage their Brand and Grow their Business

Macomb, MI – Adapt Media is pleased to announce it is assisting Emergency Damage Restoration companies to leverage their brand and grow their business.

Founded by Vito Serra, Adapt Media is a comprehensive digital marketing agency based in Macomb, Michigan. The company works with Emergency Damage Restoration services from across the globe to help them transform their marketing practices and develop effective business strategies.

Mr. Serra’s journey to develop Adapt Media started at a very early age.

“I started my entrepreneur journey with your typical $0.25 cup of lemonade when I was 10 years old at festivals near my hometown,” says Serra. “From there, I started getting into the stock market in my teenage years and was trading companies like Facebook and Amazon long before they became the massive enterprises they are today.”

Over the next three years, Serra began trading companies that required additional research in order to profit from, including penny stocks, which, as Serra recalls, was a huge mistake.

“I was young and naïve and didn’t fully understand the concept of money yet,” Serra states. “In came my 16th birthday and I was ready to start diversifying my income a bit. I was running an online brand and, at the same time, starting up my agency. It was all probably a bit too fast, really.”

After a couple of months, Serra realized that taking on his agency full-time would be the smartest move mentally, financially, and physically. It was this realization that helped him to develop a steadfast business motto, one that he continues to use to this day.

“At Adapt Media, we believe that, ‘In Order to Survive, You Must Adapt’,” states Serra. “Business owners know they want to survive, but they just don’t quite know how to adapt to an ever-changing world. At Adapt Media, we not only give companies a great platform in which to adapt, but we automate the adapting process for owners as well!”

“When we first started out, we were taking on whatever jobs came our way,” Serra continues. “But, after working with a few fire/water restoration companies, we found a hidden gem. Looking at the results we provided for our restoration clients, we decided to focus specifically on the restoration industry.”

Through their work, the team at Adapt Media found many restoration companies simply wait for referrals from plumbers, insurance companies, etc., which can be a beneficial way to get work. 

“The problem with this tactic,” says Serra, “is that it lacks the predictability and consistency needed to adapt at the most efficient rate possible.”

To resolve these issues, Adapt Media leverages platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, and Instagram to help clients grow a powerful presence and dominate their local markets for everything restoration.

“We are so proud to be able to bring the consistency and predictability that referrals can’t,” Serra states, “all while adapting your business to the modern, digital-minded world.”

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