“YuYuan Art sets Sail” – YuYuan Art launches International Art Customization Service

Yuyuan Art announced China’s top “International Art customization system” on March 23 2019. Leaders from various industries gathered at Yuyuan Art’s Museum of European Art in Qianhai, Shenzhen, to appreciate the beauty of art-inheritance and to witness the unveiling. YuYuan Art has been in operation since January 5, 2018 and the doors to the “Gate of Europe” were opened to distinguished guests for the first time. Folowing three seasons of ‘Prado Museum’, ‘Art of Faith’ and ‘Chivalry’ exhiibitions, two galleries have been created by YuYuan Art’s craftsmen.


Since the completion of the first phase of the Yuyuan Museum of Art in July 2018, it has received more than 100 delegations from China and European countries. In January 2018, YuYuan Art won the prestigious “2018 China Brand Golden Tripod Award”.  


The press conference was presided over by Mr. Shui Junyi, a famous Television and Media personality. Mr. Liu Xiangle, Deputy Secretary-General of China’s Brand Innovation and Development Project, delivered the keynote address and Ms. Guo Yuli, founder and chairman of Yuyuan Art, unveiled the “Yuyuan Art International Art customization system.”    




Ms. Guo Yuli, founder and chairman of Yuyuan Art, said in her speech that Yuyuan Art has established long-term sustainable cooperation with museums and art galleries across major European countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy and other major European countries. In parallel Yuyuan Art has also established good communication and exchanges with Consulate-Generals of major European countries. Both of the above form the solid foundation for Yuyuan Art to “set sail”.

Yuyuan Art’s unique international art (service) customization system is uniquely tailored to the needs of individuals and enterprises incudes exclusive (customized) Art Education courses; Quarterly art Theme-Exhibitions with different forms of art to interpret history and to understand the nature of art; customized Art-Tours itinerary and learning plans. According to the different needs of individuals, families and businesses, YuYuan Art provides the most professional European art configuration program.  

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YuYuan art grew up in Qianhai free trade zone, positioned in the International Comprehensive Art Service. ‘brave’ and ‘innovation’ are the genes of Shenzhen, “pattern” and “rules” are the portrayal of YuYuan people. Never forget the eternal YuYuan heart. Set Sail Yuyuan people!

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