New Service Invites Consumers to Take Back Their Power When Settling Customer Service Issues

Consumers learn how to leverage their power when it comes to customer service issues

A recent survey conducted by the White House Office of Consumer Affairs found that for every customer who bothers to lodge a complaint against a place of business, 26 other unsatisfied customers will remain silent. The main reason is they know that in an impersonal culture of corporate bureaucracy, the deck is stacked against them from the start. They understand that climbing a wall of red tape and constant negativity is a recipe for continued dissatisfaction.

“There are countless frustrated customers born every day,” says Brian Steinberg, CEO of My Customer Advocate, an enterprise entirely devoted to negotiating customer service claims. “I’ve been one of them.”

Brian purchased an item from a major electronics store only to arrive home and discover it didn’t work as he was promised. When he tried to return the item, the commission-based salesperson who sold him the product claimed she didn’t remember serving him, and the customer service representative passed him onto the shift manager, who then argued that nothing could be done. Frustrated, Brian left the store without resolution. “That was the moment I realized that I had to adopt a different approach,” Brian recalls.

Bypassing further communication with the electronics store personnel – the ones who were hired to tell him no- he took his issue directly to the real decision makers within the corporation, the more significant stakeholders who ultimately understood the value of engendering customer loyalty. “Within hours, my issue was resolved,” Brian says. “Thus, the idea for My Customer Advocate was born.”

The company’s mission is simple, to be a one-stop concierge customer service business that provide busy individuals and business owners who value their time, money, and peace of mind with unparalleled customer care and service in resolving nearly any product and service issue, or business conflict that might arise. Since customer service agents are usually only trained to serve the short-term needs of the companies they represent, a middle man was needed to defend and protect the rights of the consumer for a change. Within a short period of time, Brian’s idea took off, and dissatisfied consumers began to seek out his services after enduring little success through the usual channels.

When Samantha and her husband missed their plane over the holidays, they were desperate to book another flight as early as possible, and not have to swallow the money they had spent on their previous tickets. In spite of their pleas, the airline forced them to pay $2,000 for tickets on another flight, leaving the couple in the hole for a considerable amount of money. With one call from Brian’s company, the airline agreed to refund 85% of the ticket price.

Jennifer suffered her own customer service fiasco with a popular furniture manufacturer. After owning a living room set for five years, the furniture’s material began to disintegrate. The problem was, the warranty on her purchase had expired two years previously. When her efforts to find a resolution with the manufacturer’s customer service department proved unfruitful, she called on My Customer Advocate for assistance. Within days, the manufacturer replaced the $1,400 furniture set at no charge.

“When an unresolved customer service issue arises, we have an effective proprietary method of connecting with key decision makers in most companies directly to the top decision makers of any given company,” Brian explains. “But most importantly, we know how to advocate in such a manner that they understand the importance of settling these disputes promptly and without further distress to the customer. In the end, they realize it’s just good business.”

The customer service gap doesn’t only exist between people like Samantha or Jennifer and places of business, as Brian points out. After all, every business becomes a customer itself at one time or another, and it’s vulnerable to the same ineffective service and undesirable results suffered by any individual consumer. “When you stack up the man hours and possible legal fees, the hassle involved in settling a claim can be a tremendous drain on the continued success and growth of any business,” Brian cautions. In those instances, each business to business claim receives the same level of specialized attention and tireless advocacy afforded to individual clients.

“Whether you’re an individual consumer who’s unhappy with the lack of cooperative service you’ve received, or a business who’s left unsatisfied by the results of a transaction, My Customer Advocate is here to empower you, and help you achieve the satisfaction you deserve,” Brian says.

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