Aqua Blue Pools & Spas of Shreveport Provides the Best Swimming Pool Service in Shreveport, LA

Aqua Blue Pools & Spas of Shreveport Provides the Best Swimming Pool Service in Shreveport, LA

Shreveport, LA – Aqua Blue Pools & Spas of Shreveport, is offering top-notch pool services for customers in and around Shreveport, LA. Mike Steele, AKA “ The Pool Doctor” is using his vast knowledge of pool experience to help customers quickly identify pool problems and then solve them in the best way possible. This awesome company is looking to expand their services in Shreveport, LA.

The impact of swimming pools in homes and commercial properties cannot be underestimated. Each year, many homes, hotels and tourist resorts install swimming pools on their premises. To sustain them, ongoing services need to be provided. Trusting your valuable pool to a company like Aqua Blue Pools & Spas is of utmost importance.

The primary goal is to provide the best pool services, maintenance, and renovations to ensure the sustainability of pools. Over the past thirty (30) years, they have been doing just that! Aqua Blue Pools & Spas has continually provided high-quality services that have satisfied many customers, leading them to repeat referrals and repeat business. They service all major swimming pool systems and brand names.

Mike Steele is the founder and owner of the company. His dedication to doing the job right the first time and providing amazing customer service has kept Aqua Blue Pools & Spas of Shreveport vibrant over the past 3 decades. Mike, believes that customers need their pools serviced by an expert, not an inexperienced technician, and therefore, he takes a hands-on approach to deal with all his customers pool problems.

At Aqua Blue Pools & Spas of Shreveport, offering great customer service is our top priority. “My main focus is making sure a great job is done right at every visit. I feel that is best achieved by having me personally come out to do the work. We may not be the biggest pool company in town, but our customers over the past 30 years have told us we are simply the best because of the personal service we provide!” explained Mike Steele.

Aqua Blue Pools & Spas of Shreveport provides swimming pool restoration in Shreveport, LA. The following entails their list of swimming pool services they offer:

  • Weekly Pool Maintenance

  • Clean Green Pools

  • Drain and Clean

  • Change Filter Sand

  • Replace Pump Motors

  • Service and Repair Pool Pumps

  • Clean Filter Cartridges

  • Clean DE Filters

  • Solve Algae Problems

  • Chemical Check and Balance

  • Inspections for Home Buyers

Aqua Blue Pools & Spas of Shreveport is located at 10092 Riding Club Ln, Shreveport, LA 71118. For inquiries regarding their
swimming pool service in Shreveport, LA, contact Mike via phone, at (318) 687-4545 or via email at Visit their website, at for additional information regarding all the services they provide.

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