24/7 Glass Repair Specializes in Around the Clock Emergency Services

Melbourne, Australia – March 29, 2019 – A glass-related accident can occur anytime and Adam Smith, founder of 24/7 Glass Repair, provides emergency glass repair services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Repairs are available 24/7 for situations ranging from home and shop front windows to laminate and safety glass installations for businesses and commercial enterprises.

Windows do far more than provide residents with a view of the outside world. They prevent weather from entering homes, protect the people and possessions inside, and add value to structures. They can be broken by branches in high winds, smashed by the unscrupulous to gain entry, and even birds can fly into a window with sufficient force to crack it.

Our team of local Macleod glaziers at 24/7 Glass Repair provides emergency glass repair Melbourne and installationservices any time of the day or night, returning them to their original beauty, strength and durability. The company is skilled and experienced in repairing and replacing double glazed windows, double hung windows, bay windows, and those with unique shapes. The glass professionals also provide mirror mending to restore them to their previous appearance, especially for emergency glass repair Macleod.

Laminated and toughened safety glass are used for multiple applications and offer protection over ordinary glass for deflecting flying objects in high winds, discouraging break-ins,and in high-risk areas in a wide array of businesses. The glass is utilized in fashionable skylights, bathroom installations, in French doors and commercial enterprises. Each type of glass has its own unique properties and the company’s experts are equipped to work with both types.

When a window in a home or business is broken, it compromises the safety of people, pets and possessions. The professionals at 24/7 Glass Repair understand that a broken window is an emergency situation that must be remedied with alacrity. Building codes also dictate the placement of certain types of glass and the company is cognizant of the regulations governing each type to be used.

24/7 Glass Repair provides emergency glass and mirror repair for the safety and peace of mind of every client. The company’s professionals are experienced in repair, replacement and glazing to ensure aesthetics and safety are maintained. The company offers free quotes and 24/7 emergency glass repair Melbourne.

About 24/7 Glass Repair

24/7 Glass Repair is a family owned and operated business founded by Adam Smith, serving all the Northern and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The company provides high-quality service at competitive prices to ensure the safety of homes and businesses. It offers a range of services including window repair, glass replacement, laminated and toughened safety glass installation, mirror repairs and new window glazing, along with free quotes and emergency 24/7 glass repairs.

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