Brothers Develop Tangaru Tunes™, a Revolutionary New Concept for Experiencing Music

The pace of technological development is lightning fast in today’s business world, so innovation can come from any corner of society.  Rohan Bennett and his brother Gary have created the next technological innovation that will revolutionize the mobile music experience.  Their app Tangaru Tunes will enable mobile device users to view the video associated with a song with immense ease.  After conceiving of this new concept and filing a patent for it, Gary and Rohan have begun the process of making Tangaru Tunes™ a reality.

Tangaru Tunes™ is a major new innovation in the way fans can enjoy their favorite song on their smartphone, tablet or desktop. Tangaru Tunes™  will sync the songs played by internet stations with their respective videos, allowing the listener to enjoy a more immersive musical experience.  This brilliant idea will help internet stations attract and retain more listeners while also enhancing the appreciation of a musical artist’s creativity.  This powerful application will match tens of millions of songs with their videos and other artist generated—as well as fan generated—content including playlists and behind the scenes material.

Tangaru Tunes™ is currently in development with Gary and Rohan heading the tech startup.  They have already forged important relationships within the music and tech industries, but require an infusion of capital to complete this important project. To raise this capital, the Tangaru Tunes™team has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  In return for your generous support, you may receive a Tangaru Tunes™ Backer Certificate of Support. All the backers will be the first to enjoy their music using Tangaru Tunes.

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Company Name: Tangaru Tunes
Contact Person: Rohan Bennett
Country: United States