The Launch of Becomes the Most Dynamically Driven Gps Based Website And Marketing Conduit For the Marijuana Industry and drive and track new customers directly to Cannabis Shops nationwide.

Cannabis, Weed and Marijuana have all become extremely relevant topics as new businesses emerge due to the recent legalization of recreational Marijuana in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C.. All four states and the district now allow adults over 21 years of age to purchase weed from licensed marijuana shops.

For more than six years, businesses in the medical marijuana industry had limited ways to advertise or position their business to receive new customers and clients. Advertising firms and publications were faced with the challenge of taking on new dispensary business while risking their already established relationships with businesses that may not approve of the marijuana industry. Immediately the Internet became the most viable option for advertising and getting customers to frequent these businesses.

Online advertising sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo offer pay per click services that can assure a certain amount of traffic to your business. This is achieved through the bidding process and whoever has the largest budget google or whomever will position them based on the businesses predefined keywords. While this method is proven and will absolutely increase the traffic to your business it is cost prohibitive to stay on top on relevant keyword searches.

In 2008 you see a flood of marijuana search/map websites emerged as the only provider and solution to those who needed to drive traffic to their business. These map base system allowed marijuana/weed shops to be found base on their current location and certain keywords. Of course due to the competitiveness of this brand new industry and with limits on local advertising these types of websites were now able to take advantage of businesses who knew the competitiveness within their industry. With no true option businesses found it essential to be listed on those websites and found themselves paying a very high premium for advertising. 

Those websites also lock dispensaries into contracts by positioning them within a larger map with bigger flags and top positions on their weed map. Certain websites cannot advertising on Google AD network because their domain violates google terms. Their Ads can’t run paid ads because the word “weed” is in the domain name. So instead business will strictly relies on the organic placement to get visitors to their website and commerce with businesses who paid to be on their websites. There some sites that are different in that they are designed for users to find, track, locate, review weed shops by the strain of marijuana. Their listing service will then find the shops that has that particular weed strain. They are able to run ads on Google’s paid network because the domain name does not contain any reference to marijuana weed or cannabis.

Feedback from owners in the marijuana business is that these sites offer an unfair advantage to businesses who are willing to sign long-term expensive placement contracts that guarantee their rankings above other business on their website. Oftentimes owners have a hard time quantifying the number of people and amount of business that truly comes to them from these sites, especially in correlation to the amount of their contract.

The developers of marijuana shops and weed shops have an extensive understanding of how the search engine works and what it takes for businesses to be relevant above others on our network. One of the first and most important elements that the search engine uses to rank a business’s website are the primary keywords within their domain name and primary keywords for their website.

For example if a business wanted to be the primary search return and receive all the keyword search results and impressions for a key words such as marijuana shops or weed shops they would ideally want to own the domain name marijuana or Incidentally in the marijuana industry the primary keywords that receive hundreds and thousands of clicks per day and millions of impressions per year are marijuana shops and weed shops.

Through the acquisition of the highly sought-after domains, and it is the intention of our development team to level the playing field for all dispensaries not only in the USA but in the entire world.

By offering dispensary owners the opportunity to not only be listed on our mapping and dispensary listing website they will also be indexed into Google’s paid advertising network. Placement and exposure will be received from the number of visitors to your page on our site. Our development team has made a significant investment into creating a portal that will allow users to see exactly how many hits they received from, and

Lots of time and effort went into creating a method for dispensaries to add their menu to their listing on our and We discovered that this was the primary way other marijuana dispensary listing websites charged dispensary owners. We also learned that the cost of the menu was the primary complaints from dispensary owners. For this reason on, and the menu will be free the with dispensaries monthly fee. Our developers also decided not to lock dispensaries into a long term contract. Instead, the service is month to month and it offers dispensary owners a platform where they can truly measure the value of the service being offered to them.

If you’re a dispensary business owner we encourage you to visit, and where you can claim your businesses listing and request your username so that you can log on to the website and add your businesses information. We recommend starting with store hours, adding your marijuana strains to your menu with images weight description and pricing, and of course images of your business so that people can not only get directions but see where they’re going before getting there.

Log on and you can began advertising and marketing your business today. Come claim your business by logging on to CannaShops, and “where the grass is always greener”.

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