Authentic Manga Series Develops Engaging Story Unheard of In Manga Industry

Creators Have Started A Kickstarter Campaign To Raise Capital To Complete the Series

Melbourne, AU – Feb 10, 2015 – Mc Paku has spent two years developing Re-Agree – Indenture of Apostles Volume 1. This new and exciting manga series has 168+ pages of fun, action, and humor. Its impeccable drawing style and intriguing plot engages everyone who reads the series and brings something fresh to the manga world. To finish development, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help expand the production team to finalize the series and get it printed.

Re-Agree – Indenture of Apostles is about the interactions between human beings and the twelve apostles. In the past, there was an ongoing contract with humans and the apostles. However, an Ancient Magician announces the abolishment of the indenture. This creates an uproar and war for the contention of the sacred stone. Humans and apostles are forced to reestablish new contracts with one another. The main character is Lin Sa and he suffers from Temporal Dilation Disorder. Along his journey, he accidentally runs into Alice who is the ninth apostles and is being hunted down by other apostles. Lin Sa heroic actions saves Alice and this forced them to establish a contract with each other. In the first volume it describes his adventure with Alice as he battles between other legendary apostles.

This incredible story is much different from other manga’s available. Manga lovers around the world can rejoice because there is something new and exciting to the industry. It is a story that mimics the beauty and style of Japanese manga, but is authentic. The manga offers mainstream elements like Bishouji, Yaoi, magical battles, action, and hilarious comedy. Re-Agree – Indenture of Apostles is a page turning experience that cannot be found in other comics. It is addicting and fascinating to read that brings people into a world full of action and exhilaration!

Standard manga size will be 14.2 x 21 cm. The matt color of the books will be made with woodfree offset printing paper. When the campaign goal of $20,000 has been reached they plan to finish the project by April 2015 and print the books by May 2015. All funds will go towards getting quality materials so everyone enjoys the beauty and detail of the story and drawings. The goal must be met by April 2.

As a thank you for the support, individuals will receive exclusive Kickstarter rewards like the manga books, posters, character pins and iPhone cases, t-shirts, oil paintings of the characters, and much more.

Be part of this incredible change and make a contribution today at the Kickstarter campaign. By bringing a contemporary story that everyone will fall in love with!

For those who cannot make a donation, please share the campaign on Facebook, MangaFox, and Tapastic. The more exposure the better, so spread the word to all the manga lovers!

Visit the blog to read more about the characters and the story.

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