New Site Offers Due Diligence for Accredited Investors Interested in Equity CrowdFunding offers Business Intelligence On Crowdsourcing Projects

Accredited Investors have more deals than ever to choose for investment. Until now, these investors were like kids in a candy shop – it an investment looked tasty, they bought in. Due diligence on crowd investment projects was not done due to lack of time and resources.

A new site, changes all that. Mark Robertson is the founder of CrowdDD. Mark describes himself as a serial Internet entrepreneur. During 2014, Mark participated in more than 40 crowdfunding investments. Since 1998 he founded four online startups.

While looking at crowdfunding investments, he and a few other investors exchanged emails and shared due diligence on a number of projects. As a result, 4 real estate offerings had their platforms remove the deals, or revise deal terms. Clearly, the proof of concept of crowd offered due diligence exists.

During an interview for this announcement, Mr. Robertson said: “The biggest problem facing the accredited investor is having the ability or time to do proper Due Diligence on the varied investments available on the new crowdfunding platforms. We created CrowdDD to solve this problem, investors can rely on the wisdom of the crowd to guide their investment decisions.”

As a result of legislation passed in 2012 called the Jump Start our Business Act (JOBS ACT), companies were able to break up investments so investors could pool small amounts into a group investment. Before the JOBS ACT, investors had to each put in $100,000 or more each and companies could only pitch businesses with whom they had an ongoing relationship.

This opened the floodgates to investors looking for deals with high returns. This ability created a problem, determining which deals are good and which are not. As a new website in the crowdfunding space, Crowd DD offers the answer. It allows accredited investors to exchange knowledge of deal participants, their track records and more. It is collective crowd due diligence that helps investors decide if an investment is worthwhile based on first hand information offered by other investors. CrowdDD also offers ratings on Crowdfunding platforms. The new site has up-to-date listings and ratings of crowdfunding platforms and equity debt investments, allows investors to share and collaborate with the crowd their knowledge and get questions answered from peer experience investors, and has reviews and ratings of equity crowdfunding portals and investments.

Crowd DD is a new site that serves as a one stop source for finding, researching and sharing crowdfunding platforms and equity/debt investments.

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Company Name: CrowdDD, LLC
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State: NC
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