ISPA Develops the First Virtual Accreditation Platform

ISPA becomes the first accreditation association to conduct site visits via the Internet

Chicago, IL – Feb. 11, 2015 — The International Sports Professionals Association™ (ISPA) announces the creation of the first completely Internet based accreditation process. The procedures for obtaining accreditation for schools, sports programs and sports organizations are all conducted online through ISPA’s state-of-the-art online site visit protocol.  These procedures eliminate the high costs of the in-person and site visit. The entire accreditation process will take place virtually via the Internet.

“The site visit is a dinosaur. The practice of having a team of professionals make a live visit to a school or agency is one of the largest costs running up accreditation fees and in today’s tech world, it is pointless. Every task of a live site visit team can be conducted online at a fraction of the cost,” said Dr. John Mayer, president of ISPA.

ISPA grants accreditation for schools, agencies and programs that serve sports at all levels and in a variety of fields such as administration, sport psychology, agenting, physical therapy, athletic training, law, accounting, marketing, and management.

The criteria that a school or program must meet to be accredited by ISPA can be found on its web site:

“Through using platforms such as virtual conferencing we can meet with the administrators of institutions and even conduct student interviews. We can assess an institutions facilities through both pictures and videos provided by the institution and independent resources such as Google Earth. In addition, we can assess an intuitions credibility through a variety of online database searches,” states Justin Mayer, Executive Director of ISPA.

The International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA™) is the world’s largest credentialing service for professionals in sports. The ISPA sets standards for its membership by providing professional services to the sports world spanning from children’s sports to professional athletes. The ISPA includes a wide variety of professional occupations from coaches, sport psychologists, physicians, accountants, agents, physical therapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, sport physiologists, trainers, and more. ISPA designates that member professionals adhere to a strict code of ethics and have met the highest standards in their fields to provide professional services to athletes and to sports.

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