The Able Child For Life Now on Kickstarter – Kenth Bender Promotes Child Development Via Creative Arts

Today, Fine Art Bender, an authority in Arts & Culture, opens a new project and announces the official launch of The Able Child For Life on Kickstarter with a view to promoting child development.

In a bid to propagate the intrinsic, cognitive power that Arts & Culture could have on an average child, Fine Art Bender, a leading organisation that develops and promotes creative arts concepts for child development, is pleased to announce the official launch of its Kickstarter project, The Able Child For Life.

In a report from Kenth Bender, the Founder of Fine Art Bender, it’s been confirmed that The Able Child For Life is a concept that seeks to prioritise arts as a tool that could help pre-school and school children experience intellectual, emotional, and social developments towards having a balanced, and more fulfilled life. Speaking further on the concept, he discloses that The Able Child For Life is now live on Kickstarter, a leading crowdfunding site.

He states further that, contrary to common beliefs, arts generally stimulate the psyche of a child in such a way that creative thinking, cognitive abilities, and relational-cum-communication skills can be fully developed. In view of this, Kenth Bender affirms that the mantra of the concept is to draw attention to “Arts & Culture and Its Fundamental Importance for Our Future Human Development”; and he opines that all hands must be on desk to promote it in schools.

According to him, taking the idea to Kickstarter is a sure way to raise support for creative arts development in today’s schools. He then adds, saying, “The Able Child For Life would like to receive support from fine art professionals, teachers, parents, grandparents and every-day people. It’s believed that, if maximum support could be drawn towards the Kickstarter project, The Able Child For Life would reach millions of children out there.”

It’s been gathered as well that The Able Child For Life seeks to publish illustrated children’s books in a series, including ebooks, audiobooks and also theme music. That would help to teach the young ones about creative arts; and obviously, the Kickstarter project would serve as a funding source to help put the books on the desk of every child in a family. “With this new, unique project, this 21st century world would soon realize that Arts & Culture is the greatest social phenomenon for a better and productive learning environment for today’s children,” Kenth Bender concludes.

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