The Barbarian Supply Company about to Revolutionize the Soap Industry Through Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

When it comes to taking showers, women have been known to take longer and use better products. There is a very big difference between taking a shower in a woman’s house and a man’s house especially when it comes to the soaps used. For some reason, little effort is put when it comes to men’s bathroom products as it is mostly assumed that they don’t spend as much time in the shower. But what happens when a father or husband has had a really exhausting day? A few minutes in the shower could be heavenly which is why Barbarian Supply Company is launching an exotic men’s soap that is meant to turn ordinary shower moments into heavenly ones. 

This soap not only looks good but smells like an oasis of scents has been brought right to your shower, magnifying the whole experience. The founder of Barbarian Supply Co is a graphic designer and this has come in handy especially in terms of branding. This company has put considerable effort to go beyond the contents of the soap box by intricately designing the packaging to call out to men in particular. 

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this soap is the fact that it was designed with the user’s health in mind. With the rise in terminal diseases like cancer, people are becoming more conscious of the products that they use. The Barbarian Supply Company has gone a step further and produced all its soaps using natural ingredients that are harmless to the body, something that cannot be said about some of the big brands.

Men have been neglected for so long when it comes to grooming products. It is for this reason that the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Barbarian Supply Company soap is so refreshing. No matter how much of a hard day that a man has, with this soap they are at least assured of a few moments of pure glory and relaxation in the shower.

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