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Feb 11, 2015 – California, USA – When others have said no, Searchlight Lending can help find a creative lending solution that you may have thought was not possible.

From private money loans, conventional residential loans, land loans and construction, commercial, multi-family, and everything in-between, they do it all. If all you’ve heard so far is ‘no’, then it’s time to take back control of your finances and financial freedom.  Searchlight Lending is your light to financial control. 

Whether you are self employed and got turned down due to your income taxes, or you brought a vacant building with no historical cash-flow, Searchlight can help.  If the ‘big banks’ turn you away this team can help.  Searchlight Lending is no beginner in the commercial and construction world. With over 1100 funded loans totalling $300,000,000 in volume and strong relationships with over 45 lenders from small regional specialty lenders to big national banks, they have the connections to fund your real estate loan.  As we tell our clients, “If we cannot find a lending solution for you, then probably nobody can!”

In today’s complex lending market Searchlight has specialized experience that can help guide you through the process; from pre-qualification, to finding the best lender with the best pricing. “Our advantage is knowing where to make your funding process run smoothly.  We are your out of the box lending solution,” says Chris Piro, President and Broker at Searchlight Lending

As true experts in Residential Lending, if they can’t do itno one can. Being approved by over 45 lenders and direct banks, Searchlight is well positioned to get you the best rates, and fastest turn-times. They offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs. If you have been turned down, or maybe are tired of the long, drawn out process you are used to, turn to Searchlight and see what can be made possible from ‘impossible’.

Self-employed? Unemployed or recently divorced? Facing a foreclosure? Searchlight Lending’s experts can help. From bad credit to income issues they are a specialized ‘go-to’ lending solution that thinks big enough to get the rates you deserve, but understands that you are an individual with unique needs, not a dollar sign. As a direct private money lender Searchlight is now providing rate sheets to show their bridge loan offerings.  These services include everything from Residential and Commercial Lending to land and construction lending.

When other lenders have turned you (or your clients) away, it’s time to call Searchlight. They can find a customized financial solution to your business financing issues.  They offer much more than a ‘cookie-cutter’ and are able to think outside of the box to find a solution to real-life challenges. Searchlight Lending is not new to this business. The team at Starlight has served over 1,100 clients and can help you. “We offer a wide range of options for attorneys, property managers, financial advisors, investors, and CPAs. Whether you’re an individual in need of a loan, a broker that cannot find a solution for your client, or a banker without a full suite of loan products, we are happy to find a solution tailored to your client’s needs,” explains Chris Piro of Searchlight Lending.

Searchlight’s expertise includes solutions for realtors, brokers, bankers, and loan officers.  They can help sort out a solution with competitive rates whether you need help finding a place for a loan or are in need of direct private money loans. They have a solid track record and have proven that is proven with their funding and repeat business.  Next time you or a client need a loan, let Searchlight Lending team help light the way.

Searchlight Lending is Moving

 Searchlight Lending is happy to announce their big move to 500 San Anslemo Ave in San Anselmo, CA as THE in house lender as part of a “Real Estate Boutique” team serving the luxury real estate market.  Give us a call or come out to our new office and meet one of our experienced agents. 

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Big News for Searchlight Lending: New Location! New Logo! New Lenders!

Searchlight Lending is pleased to announce its move to San Anselmo, CA as part of a boutique, lifestyle real estate office.  They are the preferred in-house residential lender as part of a complete real estate team with decades of experience.   By turning a former Italian wine bar into a real estate office, they are keeping the comfort and charm of a restaurant and making a relaxing and fun environment for agents and clients.

To add to this great news, they are also revamping their brand by updating their logo to express the beacon of light they have shown to clients in all situations over the years.  The lighthouse is expressive of the guidance and direction that Searchlight has offered its clients over the years by helping navigate the difficult and ever changing real estate lending world.  We are adding a modern touch that will help show Searchlight Lending’s clients that we are ready to move forward with them into the future. 

If this wasn’t enough to feel proud of, Searchlight, as a direct private money bridge lender, is now offering a rate sheet to better provide its clients and partners an overview of what product offerings we have under our belt.  In addition to conventional residential lending of all types,  including FHA and reverse mortgage, alternative income qualification (such as bank statement qualifying for self employed borrowers), construction and rehab loans, mutli-family, mixed use, and commercial loans, this private money offering completes the full suite of lending options that are in the market.

Searching for a loan? Let Searchlight Lending light the way.

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