Louisville Weight Pro Clinic Launches Affiliate Site To Inspire Weight Loss in Locals

Basic information and motivational information provided at LouisivilleWeightLossPro.com to encourage overweight individuals to take the steps needed to begin weight loss programs

It’s no surprise the expanding waistband of America is a growing concern, and there are few places it is far more of a worry than in Kentucky. Recent numbers indicate the Bluegrass State is ranked number five among all fifty states in adult obesity rates, causing an increasing number of people to seek help in the battle of the bulge. In response to the growing number of people looking for help to lose the needed weight, David Dye, spokesman for Louisville Weight Pro Clinic (http://louisvilleweightlosspro.com) has launched a new site to help provide basic information to motivate individuals to seek help in their weight loss journey.

Says Dye, “Everyone has a different motivation to lose weight. For some, it’s to look better in their clothes. For others, it’s to be healthier for their long term goals. Whatever that is, it is these motivations that keep us going in challenging times. We’ve launched a new site to help reach those people who may be at a low place right now and are looking for help. The site is full of inspiration, tips and encouragement for those who need that extra push to seek the help they need to lose weight. Let’s face it, it’s hard for anyone to lose that weight alone.”

Dye goes on to say, “When you are looking for a weight control specialist, you have to be careful to ensure that whoever you are choosing is the right specialist for you. Rather than rush and choose a weight loss and fitness specialist off the internet, our site, (http://louisvilleweightlosspro.com/weight-loss-specialist-clinic/) provides a few guidelines you should keep in mind when looking for a Louisville weight loss specialist.”

Weight loss experts encourage those looking to lose weight to do it in a sensible fashion, with diet, exercise and through the care of a doctor. Dye concurs, saying, “Loosing weight is a journey that usually spans across a few months. Do not believe in those marketing campaigns that promises you to lose 10 pounds within a week. It is better to stay focused and stick to the agreed plan and follow the diet and exercises religiously. Do not be tempted to stray off course by those too good to be true advertisements. Although, there are other tools you can use to help you stick to your diet, including hypnosis. We also provide information on how hypnosis can help in weight loss, too at http://louisvilleweightlosspro.com/hypnosis-to-loss-weight/, as hypnosis is one of the best ways to prepare the mind for weight loss.”

The launch of the site is meant to capitalize on the vast number of people’s New Year’s Resolutions and help them be successful this year, says Dye. “If we can help just a few people follow through on their good intentions, what a success the site will be.”

About Louisville Weight Pro Clinic:

Also known as Louisville Center For Weight Loss, the center prides itself on providing the highest quality medical care with the health and well-being of its patients as their top priority. They assure their patients they will closely monitor their response to the programs and assist them in reaching their weight loss goals, while promoting improved health. 

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