New take on death in the indie film Still Here

Still Here, a film produced by Warner Brothers, AT&T and North Star Film Company is a new hit indie film that is shedding some light on life after death.  The heavily anticipated film focuses on the story of a young woman, Tina, who is terminally diagnosed with cancer and makes the ultimate decision to take her life instead of letting the cancer do it.  Tina keeps it a secret from those closest to her and the film starts with these events already in motion.  The entire film you see the aftermath of her own death through the eyes of the spirit of this young woman.

Tina, played by the Good Job, Thanks! Actress, Lilly Dennis, is a spirit stuck on earth relentlessly trying to contact her best friend.  However, the film is shot in such a way that the audience does not immediately become aware that this is the case.  Through flashbacks and Tina’s attempts to communicate with her best friend, who is suffering from depression because of her friend’s death, it’s eventually established that Tina is no longer alive.  This somber story is heartbreaking as the spirit of Tina comes to terms with the fact that she can no longer be present on earth and goes to great lengths to change that.  Still Here has some truly relatable focal points that touch on the reality of sickness, depression and suicide. 

The film was predominately shot on the Warner Brothers Lot in Los Angeles and has been kept considerably under wraps until it’s looming release coming this year. The film is directed by UCB and Second City Alum Angela Benitez-Getz. Following in the footsteps of similar class mates like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, this young female director is set for stardom.  Star of the film Lilly Dennis has shot straight to stardom, most recently for her award-winning Broadway show Chocoholic.  Dennis stars alongside Stina Kalman and the pair create an incredibly emotional story about two the different sides of death.  Bill Gibson (Teen Wolf), the producer and AD of the film, helped transform the film into incredible work of cinematography.  Still Here is an immensely powerful piece of film and we look forward to the film’s public release on Amazon Prime later this year.

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