Plic Design is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Gift Stores Nationwide.

Plic Design is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Gift Stores Nationwide.

“Plic! Cross Graphite”
PLIC! is a real 3D wall accent made of laminated bamboo, a natural and ecological material. Our products come with an ultra-strong adhesive in the back, allowing an easy application on smooth surfaces (walls, mirrors, glass, metal plates, etc.). PLIC! is easily applied by anyone, it is smudge free, and there are no extra expenses, so as no limits to your imagination!

Although it has a consecrated history with over 20 years of experience, Mosarte, one of the main references of specialty coverings in Brazil, never stops to reinvent itself. After recently introducing Semplice, a patented technology that facilitates the application of coverings, the company bets on a new business model, launching the Plic Design startup in the United States. “To achieve a different future, we must act in a different way! We are proposing to transform mindsets with this new idea,” says Marco Aurélio Sedrez, president and founder of the Mosarte Group, which also includes the Ritallio brand.

Practical, with a modern language and an affordable price, the new identity looks at the audience with young spirit and passionate about design. To deliver the new products to the whole country, Plic Design has developed lightweight products to facilitate online sales as well. “E-commerce is a smart strategy for reaching more addresses, increasing our market reach and enabling more consumers to have access to our products. The goal is to offer more and more differentiated products focused on various consumer profiles, “says Marco Aurélio.

The debut line of this new brand reveals the cool look and the practicality that will mark the next collections as well. As its name suggests, Plic! is easy to apply thanks to the ultra-strong adhesive on the back of the pieces. In this way, the customer will not need any specialized labor to install and customize spaces. Bamboo, synonymous with sustainability, strength and durability, was the material chosen to shape Plic! products.

Elaborated by Mosarte’s creative department, the hollow drawings (ranging from squares and hexagons to abstract shapes) have different colors, also allowing the client to paint the natural piece with the color he/she wishes. Each kit gathers approximately 6 square feet, containing 6 to 12 pieces for the client to exercise creativity in decorating and renovating. With Plic!, there is no limit to the imagination, as long as the surface is smooth and dry, it can cover walls, glass, mirrors, metal plates, as well as work as a bedside, TV panel and even coat furniture. In addition, with Plic! Kids & Pets, the customer can give that extra touch in the decor of the children’s room or personalize his pet’s space. Our glue/unglue technology, present in this collection, allows the pieces to be installed and removed up to 5 times.

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