“From Wall Street To The World” DUSD Asia’s ten-destination tour, first stop in Shanghai

Today, “From Wall Street To The World”, DUSD Asia ten-destination tour took place at the Hyatt Regency in Shanghai. More than 50 Asian digital asset exchanges, payment companies, dealers and project parties attended the conference. The conference was featured on more than 1,200 media outlets around Asia.

In the opening speech, Raindy Deng, Chief Operating Officer of New York Digital USD, said DUSD targets to be supervised by global financial supervisory authorities and become the stable cryptocurrency that conforms with international policies and recognized and accepted by the market. Currently, DUSD has set various offices in many cities such as New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, and is committed to delivering the concept of digital currency to its cooperative partners in all regions.

Mr. Sheng Zhao, the founder of New York Digital USD delivered a keynote speech introducing the DUSD, a stable cryptocurrency originated from Wall Street. DUSD is operated by Digital USD of New York, USA. It is strictly regulated and protected under the law of the United States. DUSD is highly transparent, completely independent, and is regularly audited by independent third-party audition institution. It is the world’s first stable cryptocurrency with a high 1:1 pegged to the US dollar, issuing in Asian markets.

The senior consultant of DUSD, Mr. Jun Ying has also delivered a keynote speech which introduced DUSD’s channel reward policy and the future development priorities of DUSD. Firstly, “Available to buy – anywhere”, supported by thousands of digital exchanges, to ensure users can buy DUSD in all major exchanges; Secondly, “Immediate withdrawal – anytime”, to improve the number of dealers and acceptance platforms to achieve instant withdrawals at anytime; Thirdly, “Low cost”, the handling fee is far less than other stable cryptocurrencies currently available on the market; Fourthly, “Merchant rewards”, to provide bonuses and rebates to the secondary platforms; Lastly, “Rich application scenarios”, wide application scenarios to use DUSD for payment transactions.

“From Wall Street To The World”, DUSD starts from Wall Street, connects the countries in Asia. Together with all cooperatives partners, DUSD will create the underlying infrastructure of digital finance in Asia and becomes Asia’s first stable cryptocurrency.

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