SERO: The World’s First Zero-knowledge Proof-based Privacy Protection Public Chain Which Supports Smart Contracts

The SERO system is the world’s first blockchain platform to implement privacy protection based on Zero-knowledge proofs and supports Turing’s complete smart contracts.

Basic Information

SERO means “Super Zero Protocol”, which is the world’s first blockchain infrastructure platform that implements privacy protection based on zero-knowledge proofs technology and supports Turing’s complete smart contracts. There are three characteristics as follows:

First, SERO is a pure anonymous currency. Unlike Zcash, SERO coins  are  100% anonymous transfer.

Second, the anonymous technology of SERO is zero-knowledge proofs, the circuit structure and ECC component are more optimized than Zcash, and the encryption speed is an order of magnitude faster than Zcash;

Third, SERO supports smart contracts, which means that users who use smart contracts to issue tokens (like ERC20) and tickets (like ERC721) are also 100% support anonymous transfer.

The four types of assets, SERO Coin, Token, Ticket, and Package, together form the ecology of the SERO system’s anonymous assets. These asset types are perfectly integrated in a smart contract coding system. Combining the SERO system’s Turing-Complete smart contracts to program these assets, developers can pioneer the implementation of various privacy-related DApps that are not possible on previous systems of blockchain, applicable to the implementation of business needs in various privacy protection areas.

Business scenarios: medical payment, auction and bidding, commodity trading, virtual asset trading and FMCG trading.

Financial scenarios: securities trading, insurance trading, money market, collective bidding, investment and wealth management;

Non-profit organizations scenarios: public welfare points, resources mutual assistance, resource exchange and social welfare.


SERO is sponsored by a blockchain geek organization in China. According to the founder’s resume, its main founding members all have deep technical background. From Yahoo, Tudou, Ctrip and other large Internet companies, they have core R&D and technical management experience at director level.

According to the names of angel investors disclosed by SERO, there is a famous investor, Mr. Zhang Suyang, and SERO is the first blockchain project invested by Mr. Zhang Suyang.

Token Allocation

Token allocation scheme is as follows:

Total 1 billion SERO coins.

1. 75% for mining, 5% for community construction;  This part is based on deflation model, halving in 4 years and taking 101.5 years to mine. The first half time is set before June 2021, which is consistent with the half time of Bitcoin.

2. Founder and initial contributor team share 10%, released in 101 years in proportion to mining.

3. 10% for financing and ecological construction.

Because SERO is an ecological chain system for privacy protection, its token allocation takes into account the interests of miners and the development of ecological construction, and its distribution scheme is relatively reasonable.

Community Development and Source-code Submission Information

The SERO system community members are mainly active in Telegram, Wechat, Discord and QQ, and members of the community are tens of thousands, very loyal and active. The source code commitments are very frequent. There are currently 14 code contributors, the development intensity is large and the code submissions are frequent. Since the project was created on Github, developers have contributed more than one million lines of code, the project is of high-quality and has been released many times without major bugs.

Project Release Information

Since the release of the Beta system on January 8, 2019, 22 versions of the project have been released. At present, the beta version of the chain is very stable, and supports miners’ mining. The SERO coin mined by miners and the SERO coin on the main chain will be mapped 1:1. Its main chain will be released in about two months, and the exchange docking work will start at the same time.


SERO focuses on the privacy protection ecology. Its project area is in the current investment hotspot. The team members have rich technical experience and SERO has frequent code updates and good quality. The deflation mechanism is more reasonable in the design of the token allocation. Community members are numerous and loyal. At present, the main-chain is in the state of being released, and the project has great potential and deserves everyone’s attention.

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