Whitewater Rafting: Exploring The North Fork American River

Whitewater Rafting: Exploring The North Fork American River

In the Internet era, the perfect vacation is usually just a click away. Ironically, some of the best vacations are the ones that get people furthest away from the connections needed for their devices. For some, this can be a biking trip across America or a hiking trip in the mountains. For those looking for something well off the beaten path, however, nothing can beat a good trip down a river in kayaks. Nothing can beat the unique challenge of some whitewater, especially for a family that has gotten too used to their devices. Everyone can afford to spend a few days without their phones, laptops, and phones; a trip to the rapids is the best way to do it. 

For those who are curious to know what they can expect, they should check out drone view of a beautiful curved waterfall over Lake Clementine’s dam. The waterfall is just the beginning of the adventure, where kayakers paddle down a river looking for the next series of whitewater rapids, where the kayakers must react swiftly or else face going over into the drink. For those looking for something a little more relaxed, larger boats are available that allow an entire group to paddle as one in order to going into the river. The threat of imminent dunking provides a chance for those involved to link up and become closer. Fortunately, there is some training given ahead of time to prepare for the river’s challenges. 

Numerous companies offer a wide variety of different packages for those wishing to dare the north fork of the American River. However, even as the rapids are the selling points, there are other points of attraction to the trip; the open air, flowers in spring and summer, even the possibility of seeing an animal rarely seen in the suburbs is well worth the trip. For those looking for something to shoot with a camera, there is plenty to look for, and not just a soaked boatmate just after they have fallen into the rough and waiting river; the natural beauty of the river is well worth the trip alone. Check out places like American Whitewater Expedition for more information.

For those looking for something a little more enjoyable than a road trip, a raft trip may be just the thing. At least the raft trip offers space between family members, especially for those who seem intent on doing nothing but annoy each other. Rafting is not just a great way to get out of the house and away from all of the usual pressures, but it replaces them with a chance to get closer as a family and enjoy some time away from any distractions, making for the possibility of a truly exciting summer trip.

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